Etao International Group Announces Acquisition of DNurse, a Provider of Personalized, Integrated, and Technology-Empowered Diabetes Management Solutions

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ETAO International Group ("ETAO") announces the acquisition of DNurse, a provider of digital diabetic management services. This innovative technology can improve outcomes for patients with diabetes and has the potential to be used in the treatment of all chronic diseases. The incidence of diabetes is increasing globally and has become a critical public health concern. In particular, diabetes has a leading public health challenge in China. According to the WHO, approximately 345 million individuals are afflicted with some form of diabetes in China. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to devastating complications, such as heart disease, nerve damage, blindness, kidney failure and amputations.

DNurse provides patients with a technologically innovative self-management solution that increases compliance with critical treatment requirements, thereby improving patient outcomes. This new diabetic care combines people-first services with digital technology to remove limitations of traditional diabetic care.

Dr. Lee Winter, President of Etao International Group, has over 35 years of experience in healthcare as a former attending anesthesiologist and director of business development as Maimonides Medical Center Department of Anesthesiology and as former chair of the New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. Dr. Lee Winter said, "DNurse’s low-cost, high-efficiency and easy-to-use diabetes self-management solution is extremely scalable and has the potential to significantly improve diabetic care. The digital interface increases client compliance, thereby reducing the risk of diabetic complications and improving patient outcomes.

This cost-effective manner of efficiently preventing chronic disease complications has the potential to help patients manage any kind of chronic disease."

Leading this innovation solution is the co-founder and CEO of DNurse, Jason Li. He has over 14 years of experience in the technology sector, including his role as the China CEO of Infasonics, VP of Techfaith Group and development engineer for Motorola. He said, "DNurse plans to use the world’s latest health care solutions and resources to serve the diabetic patients’ needs. We are working with ETAO International Group to create a synergy that will secure a more sizable market presence, create a brand consistent with best diabetic care and reshape the established diabetic management landscape."

Founded in 2013, DNurse was heavily invested by Sinocare and Innovation Works (now Sinovation Ventures), and SAIF. As the largest glucose meter manufacturer in Asia, Sinocare provides DNurse with advanced biochemical technology, registration, delivery, and customization capacity.

Based on its Smart Glucose Meter, DNurse has successfully built an innovation business model: Device + App + Service. DNurse is also relying on its powerful AI decision system, IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support System), to make its diabetic management packages optimized for patients, burden-free, consistent, and humanistic. With the DNurse App, a smart blood sugar testing meter can transfer information to a patient’s smart phone. The mobile application allows for testing, data storage, personal feedback, sharing, customized reminders, and coaching, available to the patient every day and everywhere.  DNurse’s smart diabetes care products are already serving 1.6 million diabetic patients.

About Etao International Group

Etao International Group ("Etao"), a Cayman Islands company, aims to be the world’s leading digital healthcare group providing telemedicine, hospital care, primary care, pharmacy and health insurance covering all life stages of patients. "Etao" brand means "Best Medical Way" with transformative medical care and unparalleled service. Etao provides best-in-class internet medical services, such as artificial intelligence and big data technologies, to improve health care delivery and quality in specialized clinics and hospital settings. Etao’s platform is seamlessly integrated because of its ability to combine technology and health sciences. Etao’s US subsidiary was established in December 2017 in Delaware USA, and its wholly owned subsidiary Fangzhou Yidao (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd. ("Etao China"), was established in Beijing in July 2019.

About DNurse

DNurse was founded in Beijing China in July 2013 and is the first Chinese innovation mobile medical company whose mission is to reform traditional diabetes management. DNurse offers personalized and professional diabetes management solutions. Its IoT & AI technology effectively improves diabetics compliance and attracted 1.6 million diabetes users. DNurse is the largest platform of diabetic patients in China, and the No.1 smart glucometer manufacturer in China and India. Its closed loop service consists of diabetes hospitals, providing patients online referral, online prescription, and drug purchase services. Low- cost and efficiency helps diabetics patients’ self-management and improved patient compliance.

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