ETAO International Group and Aaliance Insurance Form a Strategic Partnership to Provide All-Encompassing Health and Medical Care to Patients in China

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aaliance Insurance ("Aaliance") has joined ETAO to provide healthcare insurance solutions that complement ETAO International Group’s ("ETAO") fully integrated digital healthcare ecosystem comprising medical, pharmaceutical, research and insurance services. Aaliance’s insurance products address patients’ needs by facilitating access to ETAO’s high quality medical services at reasonable cost for the patient. Aaliance’s insurance customers seek superior health management, disease prevention, high-quality diagnosis and treatment services. ETAO’s digital healthcare ecosystem provides solutions for their concerns. This partnership between ETAO and Aaliance strengthens health maintenance services while bringing cost reductions for both ETAO’s customers as well as for Aaliance and ETAO.

Aaliance’s mission is to provide easily accessible health insurance combined with better health management. Through its integration with ETAO’s value-added medical services, Aaliance bolsters ETAO’s comprehensive healthcare ecosystem. ETAO’s health management and medical solutions provide valuable and satisfying solutions to the medical needs of Aaliance insurance customers. This all-encompassing care provides greater convenience for the insured and increased customer retention. Patients can not only access the medical and pharmaceutical services provided by ETAO, they also benefit from the insurance supplied by Aaliance Insurance to receive better treatment and financial support needed to pay for comprehensive and advanced treatment services.

Kenneth Liang is an independent board member of ETAO International Group and chairman of the Nomination Committee. As a former seasoned executive manager in AIG Asia, he has over 40 years of experience in international insurance and was a director of TW Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.- Taiwan for six years, focusing on business expansion and regional market penetration strategy, recruitment, and succession plans. Mr. Liang says:

"While the Chinese medical services market is huge, it is also fragmented. Even small innovations can impact the market in a big way, and lead to considerable market advantages. The ETAO-Aaliance partnership improves on the innovative medicine plus insurance business model that was pioneered by industry unicorns Meditrust (, Medbank ( and Yuanxin Healthcare Technology (

The Partnership’s superiority comes from combining ETAO’s unique blend of domestic and foreign medical resources and digital medical capabilities, with Aaliance’s innovative insurance and health management business model. The Partnership will drive patient-centric synergies that cannot be easily duplicated by other competitors, and will support their expansion in the market"

Today, the average person in China has few options for supplementary healthcare insurance.The ETAO-Aaliance partnership sees a vast market for their products that will address the Chinese government’s priority of "avoiding poverty caused by illness and avoiding the return to poverty caused by illness." Thus far, Aaliance Insurance has already provided these insurance services¬†to the following cities including Tai’an and Zaozhuang in Shandong Province, Anyang in Henan Province, Xiamen in Fujian Province, etc. With ETAO and Aaliance partnership arrangement, millions of urban and rural residents¬†will be benefited in 2021-2022. The partnership helps ETAO’s clients avoid financial distress in the face of illness and allows them to receive excellent care that can reduce the risk of serious illness, reduce the number of insurance claims, and lower the costs to insurance companies.

About ETAO International Group
ETAO International Group ("ETAO"), a Cayman Islands company, aims to be the world’s leading digital healthcare group providing telemedicine, hospital care, primary care, pharmacy and health insurance covering all life stages of patients. "ETAO" brand means "Best Medical Way" with transformative medical care and unparalleled service. ETAO provides best in class internet medical services, such as artificial intelligence and big data technologies, to improve health care delivery and quality in specialized clinics and hospital settings. ETAO’s platform is seamlessly integrated because of its ability to combine technology and health sciences. ETAO’s US subsidiary was established in December 2017 in Delaware USA, and its wholly owned subsidiary Fangzhou Yidao (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd. ("ETAO China"), was established in Beijing in July 2019.

About Aaliance Insurance
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai, Aaliance insurance Broker is a large national professional insurance brokerage company approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, mainly engaged in insurance, reinsurance brokerage and risk management consulting business. Aaliance insurance Broker focuses on comprehensive insurance services, goes deep into the scene, customizes products, and builds a real comprehensive insurance service platform by virtue of O2O (online and offline) three-dimensional services. Aaliance is China’s leading third-party insurance integrated service platform and it is National Insurance Broker Ranking – 16th in 2019 and is 3rd in the ranking of Insurance Brokers in Shanghai in 2019. The company covers 80% of the mainstream insurance products of 80% of the mainstream insurance companies in the market and provides rich product resources and program portfolio.

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