Eon, the Leader in Incidental Intelligence, Joins the Epic App Market

DENVER, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health-tech leader Eon, whose mission is to make patients healthier and healthcare affordable, announced it has joined the Epic App Market, improving ease of use and functionality for healthcare facilities that also use the Epic electronic health records (EHR) system. The Epic App Market is a marketplace of software add-ons for Epic users to achieve more seamless integration between third-party vendors (like Eon) and the EHR.

“Eon Patient Management (EPM) simplifies the detection and longitudinal tracking of potentially dangerous abnormalities. And while 40% of Eon’s current clients are Epic users, the App Market allows for certain integration API’s that potentially can make processes more effective and efficient,” said Fahad Siraj, Product Manager, Eon.

EPM launched in 2016, and while it has always integrated with Epic, the App Market allows for potentially different integrations then what was possible before. The Epic App Market has certain API’s that allow two-way data transfer, eliminating situations where a client using both Epic and EPM would have needed to enter the same data on both platforms. For example, patient data can now be automatically pulled from Epic’s database to enrich patient profiles without the need for cumbersome reports to be built and then sent to Eon.

“It’s one less task for the navigator, and in a busy program, saving that task thousands of times over the course of a year has a meaningful impact on productivity,” Siraj said.

“At Eon, we strive to improve our clients’ workflow efficiencies,” Siraj added. “At Eon, we continue to identify areas of opportunity to improve clinical efficiencies and to streamline processes.”

About Eon

Eon is a health data science company that utilizes computational linguistics and tech-enabled virtual navigation services to track incidental and actionable findings across a variety of medical disciplines throughout the course of a patient’s health journey. Eon exists to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and health care affordable.

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