EnterBridge Helps Sleep Apnea Company Increase Productivity by 12%

EnterBridge implemented a custom RPA solution for a sleep apnea company, which resulted in 1 FTE saved, 150,000 annual referrals processed, and a 12% increase in productivity.

RICHMOND, Va., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EnterBridge specializes in creating custom solutions for businesses, solving major challenges, and supporting clients to their desired ROI. For one sleep apnea care company, this meant helping them process the multitude of faxed referrals they receive each year.

When they began their engagement, the company was small with just over 100 employees. This meant they needed each employee focused on high-impact work. However, the necessity of receiving and managing faxed referrals required a full-time employee.

This person’s job was to sort through the incoming electronic faxes, determine which faxes required action, close out the ones that did not require action, and assign the remaining referrals to coworkers for processing. They could manually sort about 150 referrals per day, which created a significant backlog.

EnterBridge built a custom bot for the company that can sort 570 faxed referrals per day. This is a 280% increase from the full-time employee, resulting in 0 backlog. Of the 570 daily faxes, 25% are closed-out without the need for a human to ever see them. The remaining 75% are evenly divided and assigned to a member of the fax-processing team.

Implementing this RPA solution has saved the company approximately $40,000 in annual labor costs, increased team productivity by 12%, and saved one employee eight hours a day of mundane work that were reallocated to higher-value, stimulating work.

To learn more about how EnterBridge helped this client, and how they can help you, read their case study.

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