EnduraData Updates File Synchronization for Ransomware & Linux Containers

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EnduraData announces EDpCloud replication and file synchronization software to deal with ransomware threats. The real-time, scheduled, on-demand data replication and file synchronization software solutions run on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other Unix flavors.

"Ransomware is a 350 million industry with distribution channels. 37% of organizations worldwide have been affected. The number of attacks increased by 50% in the last year alone. For this reason, EnduraData has leverage some of its preprocessing capabilities to detect ransomware activity and protect data," said Aba El Haddi, CTO and founder. He added, "The ransomware pandemic, with hundreds of variants, is a significant threat to businesses, public and government agencies. The probability of being hit is high. When ransomware is devastating businesses, threatening emergency services and healthcare institutions, it became a national security issue."

The new release of EnduraData cross-platform file sync replication software enhances protection from ransomware by:

  • Enhancing the protection, early warning, and detection of ransomware and other suspicious activity
  • Protecting file replicas from ransomware propagation
  • Enabling administrators to set up early sentinels, warning systems, alert users, administrators, disable storage systems, and pause replication in case of an attack.
  • Increasing the probability of faster recovery dramatically after a ransomware attack
  • Leveraging repositories in different operating systems to reduce transmission rates
  • Leveraging archives, multiple round-robin replicas, and immutable data to protect data.

 The new version of EnduraData EDpCloud data replication software:

  • Adds a new Linux container image of EDpCloud
  • Reduces memory footprint, reduces system overhead, and improves performance
  • Adds improvements of auditing on both data senders and data receivers.

EnduraData software replicates data from one or more physical, virtual machines or containers to one or more data receivers on-premises or in the cloud. It also moves and replicates data between clouds and dispersed geographic regions in the world.

EDpCloud helps with data protection, seamless data migration, distribution between sites, and aggregation from multiple areas.
EDpCloud allows the center to send data to the edge and the edge to send data to the center.

The software is available for immediate download. Existing customers can upgrade for free.

EnduraData EDpCloud for Linux is Red Hat certified.

Please visit https://enduradata.com for more information or to download a free trial.

About EnduraData
EnduraData is a Minnesota, US company. It focuses on leveraging data for decision making, on designing automated data replication software, data protection, data management, and workflow automation solutions and services. EnduraData’s engineers’ designed software solutions for healthcare, government, manufacturing, universities and financial institutions, and more.

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