Enable Biosciences’ Co-founder Carolyn Bertozzi Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Enable Biosciences, a leading diabetes and COVID diagnostics firm and CLIA- and CAP- certified laboratory, announced that Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD, co-founder of Enable Biosciences, was awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for “the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry.”

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences recognized Dr. Bertozzi along with Morton Meldal, PhD and Barry Sharpless, PhD for their work in developing new, simple, and reliable reactions for forging chemical bonds. Dr. Bertozzi in particular was cited for her development of bioorthogonal chemistry, a set of bond-forming reactions that are able to proceed in biological settings without interference from or interfering with living systems.

Enable co-founders Peter Robinson, PhD, and Jason Tsai, PhD conducted their graduate training in the laboratories of Dr. Bertozzi at UC Berkeley and Stanford, where they together invented Antibody Detection by Agglutination-PCR, the technology that underpins Enable Biosciences’ top-performing clinical tests for type 1 diabetes, COVID, HIV, and many other diseases.

“We are thrilled to be advancing our shared translational medicine mission with Carolyn to accelerate ubiquitous access to superior bench-to-bedside diagnostic innovations for the benefit of all mankind. We are immensely proud of her passion, persistence and peerless performance,” said David Seftel, M.D, MBA, CEO, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder at Enable.

“This recognition is a long time coming for a tremendous leader in molecular science. Carolyn’s contributions to the field are hard to overstate: she is a scientist par excellence, an invaluable mentor to numerous students, and a highly successful entrepreneur. Her Nobel prize underscores the significance of reliable chemical methods to generate biologically useful molecules, which are essential to the development of our assays,” said Peter Robinson, PhD, Enable’s Chief Operating Officer.

About Enable Biosciences: Enable Biosciences is a South San Francisco-based
diagnostics company commercializing licensed technology from UC Berkeley to develop and deploy bioassays for type 1 diabetes, COVID-19, and food allergy. Their proprietary diagnostics platform enables the ultrasensitive detection of biomarkers at the earliest stages of disease when it is potentially most easily and effectively treatable for the best outcomes. Enable operates a CLIA- and College of American Pathologists (CAP) – certified high complexity reference laboratory in South San Francisco.

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