Elementelle Synergistically Combines Prebiotics and Probiotics

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Elementelle Probiotics+ is a supplement brand that has taken the concept of gut health to the next level. Elementelle employs cutting-edge Korean research and quality Australian manufacturing to ensure that each of its products is the most effective solution on the market. In addition, the company has capitalized on convenience by creating many products that consist of a once-a-day dose that includes prebiotics, probiotics, and specialty vitamins and nutrients all in a single capsule.

Taking probiotics and prebiotics together — especially when targeting the health of specific areas of the body — is an activity that falls under microbiome therapeutics. This is a powerful way to enhance the body’s gut microbiome.

Prebiotics consist of certain plant fibers that provide a food source to your gut bacteria. Probiotics are designed to replenish your good gut bacteria itself. In other words, the former is a food source for the latter.

Taken together (in the right forms and doses), prebiotics and probiotics can work synergistically to boost the health of the gut microbiome. However, Elementelle goes much farther than merely combining these two critical forms of gut microbiome support.

In addition, the brand utilizes the elite research provided through the venerable Korean pharmaceutical company CKD Bio. This has enabled Elementelle to adopt patented technologies that have been created from over 70 years spent studying and developing probiotics.

The result of this research is probiotics that can pass through stomach acid without being destroyed. Whereas most companies focus on a large quantity of CFUs (colony forming units) to ensure that at least some of them reach the gut, Elementelle’s probiotics are robust and, thus, able to pass through the stomach to the intestines where gut flora resides.

To top it off, Elementelle has embraced the strict regulations that come with manufacturing supplements in Australia. "We are an Australian company with a passion for improving health and well-being through better gut health," explains Elementelle’s Managing Director, John Kim, adding that, "The large number of guidelines, regulations, testing, and specifications ensures that all of our products are manufactured at the highest quality."

From the dynamic combination of probiotics and prebiotics to innovative research and elite production methods, Elementelle has created a line of probiotic supplements that are one-of-a-kind, even in a crowded health and wellness marketplace.

About Elementelle Probiotics: Elementelle Probiotics is a probiotic brand created by Pacific Blue Health, Pty Ltd. The company is headquartered in Australia and utilizes innovative health technologies from the research-led Korean-based pharmaceutical company CKD Bio. Combining CKD Bio’s innovative research and Pacific Blue’s elite manufacturing methods has led to the development of Elementelle. The brand’s unique product line features highly effective probiotics, prebiotics, and other vitamins and nutrients — most of which are presented in easy-to-access, daily doses. Learn more about Elementelle at elementelle.com.au.

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