EffectiV HVAC Unveils Superior Air Purification Alternative for Buildings Without HVAC Systems

The innovatively designed UV Phantom is a highly efficient, quiet, unobtrusive, and discreet air purification system that reduces the concentration of contaminants in a room and can easily be installed on the ceiling

SAINT-LAURENT, QC, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EffectiV HVAC is delighted to announce that occupants of large buildings without HVAC systems can now breathe and enjoy clean air, thanks to its new independent air purification solution. The company recently revealed that it had designed an innovative alternative to portable air purifiers, capable of treating up to 750 cfm (cubic feet per minute) for a total of 375 cfm per UV Diffuser.

While portable air purifiers help alleviate some of the ventilation needs of large buildings without HVAC systems, they however create strong air jets in the occupied space which are bad for thermal comfort and also encourage the airborne transmission of diseases. Designed to conclusively solve the problem, the new solution by EffectiV HVAC mixes air more efficiently in the room to reduce the concentration of contaminants.

The incredible new UV Phantom does not require an HVAC system but is instead powered by a quiet fan certified Energy Star and works by extracting air through an architectural filter return, treating, and then redistributing the extracted air back into the room with the help of two highly efficient UV Diffusers. The new purifier is completely discreet and unobtrusive, as it can be easily installed on any ceiling with the majority of its parts hidden from sight, allowing it to mix the air closer to the ceiling and eliminate the creation of unwanted air drafts in the occupied space.

“Our PLAY-UV Diffusers are adjustable to ensure even air mixing across the room. The location and arrangement of the return air grille and diffusers are very flexible to adapt to virtually any room size and configuration. Air devices can be positioned strategically in the room to optimize air mixing,” said Frank Godbout, President of EffectiV HVAC.

After a series of third-party testing with live samples of SARS-CoV-2, the UV Diffusers achieved 99.949% average single-pass deactivation of the virus while supplying 458 cfm of air per diffuser. However, to ensure a higher virus deactivation performance, the UV Diffusers operate on 375 cfm or less per diffuser, lowering the air volume to increase the virus exposure time to UV-C light, thus ensuring a SARS-COV-2 deactivation rate superior to 99.949%. To learn more about the new UV Phantom, please visit the UVdiffusers.com website or reach out to EffectiV HVAC via the contact info below.

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Frank Godbout
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