EdgeIQ™ Puts Workflows at Center of Connected Product Economy with Launch of SymphonyIQ™

SymphonyIQ to Power Workflows Driving New Product and Customer Experiences throughout Device, Data and Application Ecosystems

BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EdgeIQ today announced the launch of SymphonyIQ, a purpose-built workflow orchestration platform that empowers organizations to create and automate workflows throughout a connected product’s lifecycle and application ecosystem. SymphonyIQ complements and powers EdgeIQ’s existing DeviceOps, DataOps and Integration Management applications.

Once in a Generation Opportunity and Existential Threat

In a recent survey of 1,000 product manufacturers, CapGemini found that 87% of organizations believe connected products and services are crucial to their strategy, and 69% agree that not investing in these strategies poses significant business risks. Yet fewer than a third of respondents claimed preparedness for that shift.

In addition, CapGemini found that those companies with well-defined visions and strategies, dubbed “fast movers,” realized significant benefits around reduced cost of servicing, improved customer experience, accelerated R&D, and improved product performance/usage. As these statistics indicate, companies that quickly adapt and align to the evolving Connected Product Economy will be the winners of their market segment.

Beyond Features and Point Solutions – Workflows Drive Outcomes

Product and Business leaders need new ways to accelerate and de-risk their business transformation initiatives. Investments in point solutions, an over-reliance on cloud hyperscaler services and home-grown software have created silos that are impediments to realizing the value of the Connected Product Economy. EdgeIQ’s purpose-built software for managing devices, data, integrations and workflows makes it possible to break through the ROI glass ceiling and realize lasting benefits:

  • Eliminate technical and operational silos. Workflows created with SymphonyIQ unify disparate tasks across the entire product and business value chain, even as they straddle different systems, and functional areas and across customer boundaries.
  • Automate previously manual tasks with policy- and event-based workflows. By coupling its API-first architecture with powerful workflow orchestration, EdgeIQ can use device telemetry or events reported in other business applications to trigger critical everyday business processes such as remote diagnostics and remediation management or client onboarding
  • Allow organizations to allocate resources to innovation and away from infrastructure. Since EdgeIQ embeds dozens of critical connectivity and operational features into its connected product platform, engineering teams no longer need to custom-build and support such baseline functionality and can instead focus resources on extending competitive differentiation

Management and Orchestration for the Connected Product Economy

Organizations need software to do the simple as well as the complex work. EdgeIQ’s platform delivers more than 70 out-of-the-box device, data and integration management features through a single API and through its configurable web application. SymphonyIQ adds the element of business orchestration to the existing EdgeIQ toolbox:

  • DeviceOps – Dozens of pre-built features for device management, security, and administration, including device profile management, bulk onboarding and configuration, remote diagnostics, notifications, role-based access control, software updates, and more
  • DataOps – Data management features including normalization, filtering, federation, protocol-agnostic ingest, and more that provide insights into customer usage and device performance and maintenance to support data-driven business decisions
  • Integration Hub – Pre-built integrations to cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft, Google) and essential CRM, ERP, Field Service and many other enterprise applications. The API-first architecture supports easy integration with any application or service.

While SymphonyIQ enables workflows within the rest of EdgeIQ’s platform, its ultimate value is in uniting customers’ devices, data, customers and their entire application ecosystem into a seamless value chain. Through SymphonyIQ’s API integration and endlessly customizable orchestration, companies can create and automate virtually any workflow that connects any node in this value chain.

“Workflows are the engine that drive business outcomes,” said EdgeIQ CEO Michael Campbell. “IT organizations realized this with the advent of DevOps that explicitly focused on how parts of organizations and different technologies need to work together. We launched SymphonyIQ as the purpose-built workflow platform for connected product businesses to break silos and move beyond point solutions.”

Workflow Orchestration at Work

Automation allows tasks to occur without intervention. Integration connects endpoints – physical and digital. Orchestration combines automation and integration to achieve desired business outcomes more efficiently. With deep experience in protocol-agnostic, agentless device communication; data and event driven policy architecture and the ability for customers to bring their own cloud services and applications, EdgeIQ can automate and manage complex and inefficient workflows, including:

  • State transfer and zero-touch enablement
  • Remote diagnostics and automated remediation
  • Event-driven ticket creation and technical dispatch

About EdgeIQ

EdgeIQ is the Workflow Platform for the Connected Product Economy. We help product manufacturers move beyond features, point solutions, and operational silos to achieve outcomes through powerful and elegant workflow orchestration. Our platform is an API-first offering complimented by ready-to-use, configurable web applications. With EdgeIQ, customers will prosper by going faster, de-risking their transformation strategy, and delivering greater shareholder value.

Learn more at http://www.edgeiq.ai

Media Contact:
Rachel Zuckerberg