Discovery of Propylene Glycol for its New Powerful Tissue-Regenerative-and-Tissue-Microbicidal Properties in Very Effectively Treating Common Topical Diseases by Scientist, Dr. Win L. Chiou

BURR RIDGE, Ill., March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There are numerous topical diseases occurring often in our lives. They include infections of skin, scalp, nails, ears, noses, oral gums and cavity, teeth and genitals. Infections may be caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses or a combination of any of them. Identification of infecting microorganisms, an expensive, time-consuming procedure, is often carried out for successful treatments. Injuries, insect bites and burns are also common; prevention of infection and quick healing of wounds without scarring are of major concern.

Currently, there are hundreds or thousands of commercial products available for these uses with many requiring expensive prescriptions. It is ideal if we could find a safe inexpensive compound that is a powerful tissue microbicide and is also an effective tissue-regenerative (probably indicative of immune enhancement, anti-inflammation and anti-allergy) agent. Such a compound could then serve as a basis to prepare a “universal” (eyes excepted) household product to initially self-manage a very large number of topical disorders at home or during travel, thereby saving prolonged body suffering and potentially large medical costs. This should be highly valuable for both developed and under-developed countries.

The main purpose of this press release is to promote awareness of discovery by Dr. Chiou of such a miraculous compound, propylene glycol (PG), generally regarded as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. This release will also demystify common bad connotations of the PG.  

Dr. Chiou, near 85, is a renown retired professor from University of Illinois (1971-2005), has 200+ publications and 6 patents (1), is regarded as a top expert in pharmacokinetics (2), and was former FDA/pharma consultant. He issued two releases recently: “Conventional theories of photoaging and skin cancer challenged by scientist, Dr. Win L. Chiou” and “Possible dangers and SPF misconceptions of sunscreens for sunbathing investigated by scientist, Dr. Win L Chiou”.

Chiou discovered that contrary to an early study, PG in aqueous solutions could quickly disappear into skin, nails, scalp and mucous membrane, indicative of good absorption (3,). In vitro studies (4) showed, for example, a 40% PG aqueous solution killed 50% of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 in one minute while an 80% PG solution killed 99.9% of viruses. For P. acnes, E. Coli, S. aureus, C. albians, A. niger, and others, 99.99% of them was killed in one minute. The above clearly indicates that PG can serve as an extremely powerful tissue microbicide, in sharp contrast to many antibiotics that are either weak in killing microorganisms or only inhibiting their growth. 

Although applications of tissue regeneration technology to medical uses have been extensively studied in recent decades, their uses in daily clinical practices seem rare or none. The expensive technology often requires isolation of stem cells and use of growth factors. Chiou may be the only one to date to report that a simple compound like PG can serve as a highly effective tissue-regenerative agent through its stem/progenitor cell rejuvenation (5). It could promote rapid wound healing after skin and gum infections, insect bites, bruises, and burns (4, 5; unpublished). In this regard, promotion of nail growth could be visible in days or weeks after twice daily applications of 50-80% PG solution to cubicles of seniors’ toenails or injured toenails that were slow to grow (5).

Chiou said based on above exceedingly favorable pharmacokinetic (good absorption) and pharmacodynamic (microbicidal and regenerative properties) characteristics, one can theoretically predict with 100% confidence that properly formulated PG products can serve as effective household products to provide quick relief for topical disorders/discomforts. Such a prediction has been repeatedly confirmed by studies/observations to date. His prediction will be further reconfirmed by future clinical studies. His prediction in 1971 (6) on universal applications of solid dispersion/amorphous dispersion approach to enhance oral drug absorption has been confirmed and re-confirmed (2,671 citations per Google) even though only two human subjects (one being Chiou) were initially tested (6). Conceivably, PG may also have a role in skin cancer treatment and research.   

Aging reversal of Chiou’s gum and tooth, probably first of its kind (5): About 6 years ago, he had serious gum recession, gingivitis, deep air pockets (up to 8 mm), and a loose tooth. After nightly PG applications around teeth and gum for 2 months, the loose tooth was firmed up and air pockets reduced. Recently his dentist told him that his gum looked like he was in his 20’s and there were hardly any air pockets. His peritonitis and even root canal were rapidly managed by PG preparations.

PG exists naturally in our body as a metabolite of gut flora. It is commonly used as solvent in cosmetics and drugs, and as preservative in meat, cakes, and canned foods. In low quantities used even at high concentrations, PG should be considered as one of safest compounds available and the reported PG phobias may be largely misdirected. Interestingly, no irritant reactions were found in all 16 subjects tested with 50% PG (7) and pure PG produced virtually no (3) or only marginal (7) irritant properties.

PG’s mild irritant/sensitivity reactions in patch tests were obtained only after 4 days of   unrealistic skin occlusion; even distilled water (7) tested positive, at a rate of 3%. Probably millions of unscented 50% PG deodorant sticks used are known not to have significant adverse effects.

Unsurprisingly, a moisturizer containing 25% PG was recently found to have a Sun Protection Factor of 2.8 (N = 5) supporting anti-inflammatory property of PG. A gel containing 80% PG could shrink and peel several large, dark eczematous lesions of Chiou in about one month without scarring and irritation. Also, reddish skin burn (3×6 cm) with some bleeding was successfully healed with only two applications covered with gauzes.

Win Chiou, President of Chiou Consulting Inc, can be reached at 630-789-9081 or at

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