Denver-Based Ditto Transcripts Relaunched to Expand Its Transcription Services

DENVER, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Transcription Outsourcing announced its official rebranding under its new name, Ditto Transcripts. The upcoming name change for the 13-year-old transcription company reflects the more human approach the organization has proudly stood behind.

"Things have become less and less personal over the years," said Ben Walker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ditto. "With Ditto, we are heralding a new era to our clients of standing by our services to accommodate the many industries we have deep experience in."

Ditto’s primary industries focus on business/financial institutions, law enforcement, legal firms, medical facilities, academia, and researchers. Ditto also handles many personal projects from transcribing and preserving letters written by World War II soldiers to church sermons and college courses. Reestablished as Ditto, they’re introducing a new logo and an updated website to further demonstrate their services and capabilities.

"One thing we completely pride ourselves on is our expertise in specific fields," Walker said. "If a legal firm needs court documents transcribed, they can gain comfort in knowing our transcriptionists have a treasure trove of understanding specific lingo to ensure accuracy. Clients appreciate the little things, such as answering the phone when they need us, and having an available point person for their account. It matters."

"I couldn’t agree more," said Alec Fitzgerald, Director of Operations for Ditto. "Too many other transcription companies fail to provide accuracy, competitive pricing, fast turnarounds, and certified transcripts like we do at Ditto."

Clients have taken notice. The 13-year run has brought in greater than 22,750 customers for Ditto.

"Professionals and people who require a high-quality service and accuracy understand our commitment to quality." said Walker. "That’s the excellence we provide. That’s the Ditto Difference."

Ditto Transcripts is a Denver, Colorado-based online transcription services company, providing for individuals, companies, legal departments, law enforcement agencies, and academic institutions all over the US. For more information, please visit or contact Ben Walker at 720-287-3710 or