DENT Neurologic Institute Earns the NICA Accreditation of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The NICA Accreditation Program and the National Infusion Center Association are proud to announce that DENT Neurologic Institute has earned the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) Accreditation of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers. NICA has completed a rigorous, multifaceted assessment of DENT Neurologic Institute and determined that it has demonstrated the level of excellence required to achieve NICA Accreditation.

Becoming a NICA-accredited Ambulatory Infusion Center of Excellence (AICE) demonstrates DENT Neurologic Institute’s commitment to consistent, high-quality, cost-effective care through compliance with the NICA Accreditation Program and Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers.

“The DENT Neurologic Institute’s infusion centers are honored to be one of the first to have earned the prestigious accreditation from the National Infusion Center Association after completing their very thorough and rigorous process,” said Christine Mann, Executive Director, DENT Infusion Centers. “The standards to which NICA holds accredited facilities is among the highest in the industry and echoes the standards to which DENT holds itself when it comes to patient care.”

“In embracing the National Infusion Center Association’s Accreditation program for Ambulatory Infusion Centers, we applaud the newest participants,” said Brian Nyquist, NICA CEO. “These Accredited Ambulatory Infusion Centers of Excellence exemplify an unwavering commitment to the highest standards, showcasing their dedication to providing superior care for patients with complex chronic diseases. Their pursuit of accreditation marks a pivotal step toward unlocking the future of healthcare, where quality, compassion, and innovation converge to create a brighter and healthier tomorrow for all. NICA commends these pioneers who are forging a path towards a new era of patient-centered excellence.”

About DENT Neurologic Institute
Founded in 1963, DENT Neurologic Institute is among the largest outpatient neurology practices in the United States. With over 100 providers across 20 sub-specialty clinics and four locations, DENT treats over 1,200 patients each day, amounting to over 325,000 patient visits per year. In addition, DENT oversees more than 100 clinical research trials, eclipsing many hospitals in Western New York. DENT is focused on providing superior clinical care, advanced diagnostics, award-winning infusion centers, clinical research, and education.

About the National Infusion Center Association
NICA is an independent, nonprofit trade association and accrediting body dedicated to representing ambulatory outpatient care settings where provider-administered biologics and specialty medications are prepared and administered. The NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers are intended to pertain to all ambulatory care settings where patients receive non-hazardous provider-administered medications via parenteral (i.e., intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, or intradermal) routes.

The NICA Standards of Excellence for Ambulatory Infusion Centers were established with the following objectives:

•           Reduce disparities in care quality among office-based infusion care settings;
•           Support infusion providers’ efforts to implement best practices; and,
•           Provide the basis for regulatory and legislative endeavors that seek to ensure facilities preparing and administering parenteral medications do so in a safe, consistent, and effective manner in accordance with evidence-based standards of care.

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