‘Data Warrior’ Kent Graziano Joins DataOps Advisory Board

LONDON, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DataOps.live, the London-based software company dedicated to helping organisations to build and manage their essential data applications and data products more effectively, is delighted to announce that Kent Graziano has joined its Advisory Board with immediate effect.

Known as ‘The Data Warrior,’ Kent is an award-winning industry thought leader, author and speaker. A semi-retired Snowflake Data Cloud and Data Vault evangelist, he is a Data Vault Master, Knight of the Oaktable Network, Oracle ACE Director (Alumni) and Grandmaster of Tae Kwon Do.

He explains, "What’s so exciting about the DataOps.live platform is you can provide the value of your data more quickly, leveraging the power of Snowflake, and with all of the governance and controls you need. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to be involved in the next phase of DataOps.live, to see the company grow, and evangelize the concepts of #TrueDataOps embodied in the DataOps software."

"I saw from day one this was an incredible opportunity to provide value to Snowflake users and to help them to be even more successful."

Earlier in February, DataOps.live secured a USD $10.3m seed funding round with participation from Anthos Capital and Snowflake Ventures.

"We’re delighted that an industry figure of Kent’s stature has joined DataOps in an advisory role," says Justin Mullen, co-founder and CEO. "We’ve been collaborating for the last few years on #TrueDataOps and DataOps for Dummies, and we are excited he’ll be involved in the next stage of our mission to deliver the business value of #TrueDataOps to every organization."

Kent continues, "The world has changed in data — its volume, velocity, variety — and that can seem overwhelming. #TrueDataOps is the way to deal with it." IDC had predicted the collective sum of the world’s data will increase to 175 zettabytes by 2025, a compound annual growth rate of 61%. A zettabyte is one trillion gigabytes. IDC also predicted that nearly 30% of the data generated will be consumed in real-time by 2025.

"The numbers are mind-boggling," Kent adds. "My entire career has been about standards, best practices, new approaches to data modeling and architecture, and having an agile approach to deliver more value from your data. The DataOps.live software in tandem with the #TrueDataOps concepts provide that value, balancing agility with governance in terms of privacy and regulatory compliance."

About Kent Graziano
Kent is an internationally recognized thought leader in Cloud and Agile Data Warehousing and an award-winning author and speaker in data modeling, data warehousing and data architecture. He brings four decades of experience, including more than 25 years designing data warehousing and analytics. He has developed and led many successful software and data warehouse implementation teams, including multiple agile DW/BI teams.

When not thinking about data and the cloud, you can find Kent kayaking lakes and streams, taking foodie pictures, practicing martial arts, volunteering at his local food bank, or sitting on a beach looking for that next perfect wave. You can follow him on his blog at kentgraziano.com or on Twitter @kentgraziano.

About DataOps.LIVE
Born out of nearly a decade of professional services and hundreds of successful data projects, DataOps.live was built to meet the real-life needs of modern, data-driven companies using Snowflake’s cloud data platform. It removes the need for enterprises to choose between governance and agility, delivering fundamental improvements in both. The platform brings agile DevOps automation (#TrueDataOps) and IoT data compression to the Snowflake cloud data platform. DataOps.live is a single platform for 100% of an organization’s DataOps lifecycle needs around Snowflake.

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