Curran Biotech’s Capture CoatingTM Grows Network to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Variants, Including Omicron

HOUSTON, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading nanotech company, Curran Biotech, recognized the viral transmission of COVID-19, including Delta and the new Omicron variants, was in the air and not on surfaces so they developed Capture Coating for ordinary air filters. The revolutionary new nanocoating is easy to apply and rejects liquid-based contagions like COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 and variants, influenzas, and rhinoviruses and is available via ready-to-use sprays or pretreated air filters.

Capture Coating is protecting work environments and public gathering spaces including those at Comcast, Camden Properties, correctional facilities, hospitals, school districts, and universities. With the success of the introduction of the coated air filters, Curran Biotech announces distribution throughout North America and Western Europe.

"We are addressing the need for getting Capture Coating to as many people as we can, as quickly as possible," says Professor Shay Curran, Curran Biotech founder. "Our coating establishes a permanent, water-repellent, antiviral barrier on the air filter in your home or office. In fact, Capture Coating enables less expensive filters rated as MERV 8 to perform better than MERV 13 without a dramatic change in filter expense or installation of new capital equipment."

Capture Coating has been independently tested and has been found to transform everyday air filters into a viral fighting front-line tool in the battle against COVID-19, stopping the virus, variants, and other aqueous airborne contagions at the air filter within HVAC heating and cooling systems.

Comcast (, a leader in technology services, has begun to introduce Capture Coating treated filters in their office buildings and Xfinity stores, starting with Houston, TX — to make working and shopping environments safer for employees and customers alike.

Camden Property Trust (, an innovative multifamily operator, uses Capture Coating at almost all of their 165 community portfolio common area HVAC systems nationwide. "We appreciate the innovative and realistic approach of making use of these types of products for the benefit of our team members and residents" – Ben Mills, Vice President of Construction and Facilities.

Dr. Donald Birx, President of Plymouth State University ( includes Curran Biotech’s Capture Coating as part of a multi-tiered approach to operating a large university campus. "We have a responsibility for establishing and maintaining safe, productive learning environments. Our COVID response efforts include social distancing, masking, and leveraging the Curran Biotech solution to help clean our air. We are especially pleased with the ease of installation and the low cost for each filter."

"The pandemic has forced us to reimagine normal" says Curran Biotech’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Ken Russell. "We wanted to do more – because we could do more – we wanted to make inside air safer – safe enough to feel better about going back to work. We’ve all changed, so having the ability to be a little more protected—just by coating our filters with Capture Coating, can make a big difference. I just want to stay safe – for me AND my family – we knew science was the way to go."

Kathy Ireland highlighted Curran Biotech on her weekly Fox Business Network show showcasing Capture Coating, and its contributions to the safety of filtered air.

"The air gets through, the liquid doesn’t! That’s amazing!" exclaimed an excited Kathy Ireland.

About Curran Biotech
Curran Biotech is a nanotech company that provides solutions for biochemical, chemical, energy, and construction industries. The newest product, Capture Coating™, is designed and formulated for all types of fabrics/filter media using patented nanotechnology that imparts superhydrophobicity, non-toxicity, and breathability.

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