Cureatr and careMESH Partner to Connect Clinical Pharmacists to Community Providers

NEW YORK, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cureatr, a national, value-based medication management services company improving quality and reducing total cost of care, and careMESH, a provider data platform focused on delivering healthcare communications to any clinician nationwide, are partnering to share patient medication action plans and clinical recommendations with providers through their preferred method of delivery. Together, the two organizations aim to increase the timely uptake of critical recommendations from Cureatr’s clinical pharmacists to improve the value patients get from their medication regimens through an integrated partnership with the provider community.

careMESH has built the most comprehensive and accurate national provider directory, SEARCH, which compiles and ranks contact information for almost six million healthcare providers from more than 650 trusted data sources. careMESH CONNECT, a clinical content exchange, allows Cureatr to securely send all communications through the provider’s preferred communication channel, including fax and Direct Secure Messaging into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

On behalf of health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and health systems, Cureatr provides its patients with comprehensive programs, including longitudinal medication management, transitions of care, and medication-related quality improvements such as adherence and appropriate use. It is critical for Cureatr to seamlessly partner with patients’ providers to implement each patient’s individualized medication action plan, ultimately reducing:

  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Duplicative therapies
  • Overutilization
  • Drug-drug/drug-disease interactions
  • Inappropriate duration
  • Barriers to medication access
  • No refills remaining
  • Dosages that are too high or low
  • Unnecessary drug usage
  • Suboptimal therapy
  • Wrong formulation

With better provider implementation, Cureatr can attain increased connection and reduced silos in a patient’s healthcare journey, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes to keep patients healthy and at home.

“Clinical pharmacists are critical partners to the physicians, advanced practitioners, and caregivers on a patient’s care team, especially for patients with complex medication regimens and comorbid conditions,” says Morgan Beschle, EVP and Chief Product Officer at Cureatr. “We are thrilled to partner with careMESH to get complete medication information into the hands of providers through their preferred delivery channel.”

“Our partnership with Cureatr is exactly aligned with our mission—making sure that all providers have the information they need at their fingertips when managing patient care,” said careMESH CEO Dr. Peter S. Tippett, MD, PhD. “Clinical pharmacists are crucial members of the patient care team, and we’re excited to ‘connect the dots’ in how they partner with the provider community.”

About Cureatr

Cureatr is the new breed of clinical, value-based provider: using expert clinical pharmacists, cutting-edge healthcare data, technology, insights, and patient relationship-building to solve the complex medication management equation, ultimately reducing cost of care and improving patient outcomes.

Cureatr Clinic, a national medication management clinic, is staffed by residency-trained and board-certified clinical pharmacists who work to combat suboptimal medication use, especially during those transitions of care where the most dangerous and costly mistakes are made. Learn more about Cureatr at

About careMESH

The careMESH provider data platform and a suite of services connect the care continuum so that hospitals, health systems, public health agencies, payers, and others can communicate about patients, maintain complete control over when and where information is shared, and rapidly reduce reliance on outdated tools such as fax and phone calls. To learn more, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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