CrowdComfort Experiences Significant Growth With Customers and Partners in 2021

BOSTON, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CrowdComfort, the leader in mobile-first facilities management and workplace experience solutions, today announced their 2021 success including the achievement of significant milestones in customer and partner growth, square footage expansion and product innovation.

The growth experienced is the result of major trends to improve the health & safety and employee workplace experience as large enterprise organizations return to the office.

Customer Growth

CrowdComfort nearly doubled annual recurring revenue growth in 2021 adding several new enterprise accounts in addition to 140% net customer retention of their Fortune 1000 customer base. Overall square footage expansion has increased by 77% in the past 12 months as organizations continue to find value in leveraging CrowdComfort solutions across new areas, buildings and real estate. Most importantly, 2021 also saw an increase in customers who use multiple CrowdComfort solutions in the same square footage.

"As an investor and customer, the data and solutions delivered by CrowdComfort enable us to continually provide a better workplace experience for employees," said Bob Panaro, COO of Saint-Gobain. "With hybrid work becoming the norm, solutions like CrowdComfort help us create workplaces that become destinations for collaboration and community among employees."

Partner Growth

In January 2021, CrowdComfort officially launched their partnership program with janitorial services providers with their Cleaning Maps & Analytics solution. To date, CrowdComfort has grown this partnership program to include 8 new janitorial services providers including Servicon, Enhancity, AffinEco, Red Coats, Service by Medallion and OPIS among others.

The partnership program enables these service providers to provide real-time data and analytics about the cleaning, sanitization and disinfection activities happening within client workplaces and facilities. The solution offers full compliance reporting and transparency based on contracted cleaning standards and frequencies, proving the value they are providing for their clients while providing workforce analytics that improves efficiency.

"COVID has forced innovation in the cleaning industry from the chemicals we use to the technology we leverage to measure our services and employees," said Servicon CEO Laurie Sewell. "We have always focused on cleaning for health and CrowdComfort’s Cleaning Maps have enabled us to consistently prove the value of our people and services to clients with real-time transparency into these cleaning activities."

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Product Innovation

With the increased need for data on health & safety within our workplaces and facilities, CrowdComfort has seen significant interest and adoption of its Cleaning Maps & Analytics solution. With over 1.5 million cleaning and sanitization activities digitally validated by the solution since the beginning of the year, there’s been considerable innovation with both quality assurance and workforce analytics.

"With organizations struggling to figure out the post-pandemic landscape, there is a huge need for real-time data to reduce risk and ensure employee health & safety in the workplace. Our growth in 2021 is proof of that," said CrowdComfort CEO Eric Graham. "In 2022, we are excited to continue to ensure enterprise organizations are able to provide healthy, safe and productive people-first environments that cater to employee needs and wants."

About CrowdComfort

CrowdComfort’s mobile app and analytics enable employees, facilities management teams and third-party vendors to collaborate on workplace requests, streamlining operations to ensure a safe and productive employee work environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CrowdComfort is helping organizations digitally validate their cleaning activities to ensure health & safety in their workplaces and facilities.

Trusted by a growing list of the Fortune 1000, CrowdComfort helps businesses resolve work order requests four times (4x) faster, decrease facilities costs by up to $0.40 per square foot annually, earn employee satisfaction scores of over 97% and reduce risk with 100% validated cleaning compliance.

Based in Boston, you can learn more about CrowdComfort at

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