CRIO Welcomes Dr. Margaretta Nyilas to its Board of Directors

BOSTON, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CRIO, the industry’s leading eSource provider, announces the appointment of Dr. Margaretta Nyilas to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Dr. Nyilas is a biopharmaceutical executive with over twenty years of diverse global industry experience, formerly at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb and Click Therapeutics. She has a proven track record of delivering high value assets such as ABILIFY MYCITE® (aripiprazole tablets with sensors), ABILIFY MAINTENA® (aripiprazole), and REXULTI (brexpiprazole), ABILIFY®(aripiprazole).

Currently, she is serving as a director and strategic advisor for the biopharmaceutical industry and as Venture Affiliate Partner with Boston Millennia Partners.

Throughout her career, Dr. Nyilas has championed innovation in the clinical trial process and was an early adopter of electronic source data collection. She joins CRIO as its first independent director, where she will bring her unique blend of knowledge in clinical operations, technology and medicine.

“We couldn’t be happier with Margaretta joining the Board,” says Raymond Nomizu, JD, CEO and co-founder at CRIO. “With over 2,000 sites using our system across thousands of studies, we are leveraging our technology to create efficiencies for sites, sponsors and CROs. As an innovator in eClinical technology, Margaretta will provide invaluable insight and guidance to position our product roadmap and vision to the needs of clinical trial sponsors.”

Dr. Nyilas joins CRIO board members Sankesh Abbhi, formerly CEO of ArisGlobal; Tom Peterson, Venture Partner at Rally Ventures; and CEO, Raymond Nomizu. Ren Roome of Boston Millennia Partners serves as a board observer.

About CRIO

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