Col. (Dr.) Jay Johannigman Presents at a Virtual Event on Oct. 5: The Health Cell in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Col. (Dr.) Jay Johannigman, Chief Medical Officer for Knight Aerospace, will be the keynote speaker for the online event that will include speakers discussing the past year and the State of the Industry. Col. Johannigman will be discussing how to develop air transport solutions for critically injured or highly infectious patients. The speech entitled, "The New Standard of Care-in-the-Air," will look at recent innovations and future developments that will keep patients, medical staff, and crews safe during air transport.

Col. Jay Johannigman has overseen the implementation of technology and protocols involved in the self-contained units used by Knight Aerospace to transport highly infectious patients. Since joining the Knight Aerospace team in 2020, he has been a facilitator and driving force behind the rapid innovation of new techniques and technologies at Knight Aerospace. Recently named as 2021 Healthcare Hero by San Antonio Business Journal, Col. Jay Johannigman has extensive experience in both military and civilian medical settings. These include Director of Trauma at University Hospital of Cincinnati and seven deployments as a military trauma surgeon. His accomplishments and contributions to military and civilian healthcare are significant and extensive.

"The Health Cell is an important asset to the San Antonio healthcare community," Col. Johannigman said. "Bringing together disparate parts of the healthcare industry and placing everyone where they can share perspectives and knowledge makes the entire community stronger and better able to serve our patients."

The Health Cell is a collaboration between San Antonio’s medical, military, academic, and biotechnology organizations that promotes personal growth and industry awareness in the region. Presenting events like the virtual event on October 5, The Health Cell facilitates the exchange of information among members of the San Antonio health community. More information about the event can be found at

The event, which includes Dr. Cory Hallam and Sal Webber as guest speakers, will look at the current state of the healthcare industry in the midst of the pandemic. Each speaker brings years of expertise and training for the benefit of the entire San Antonio healthcare community.

About The Health Cell

The Health Cell leverages the collaborative spirit of San Antonio’s health and bioscience industry to engage, through unique personal and professional growth, the people who will propel the community toward maximum sector success. It was formed by and for San Antonio’s biotechnology, medical, military, and academic leadership to promote professional development and collaboration across the City’s health sector.

About Dr. Jay Johannigman

Jay Johannigman is a Texas-based military trauma surgeon. He teaches at the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine in the department of surgery and has received many teaching awards and honors. Jay Johannigman formerly served as a trauma and critical care surgeon at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.




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