Clinical Trial Marketplace Inato Sees Record Growth in 2021

NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inato, the leading clinical trial platform for community sites, today released 2021 performance figures. The company added more than 1,200 community-based research sites to its network, spanning 40+ countries and covering over 70 disease areas. The company has also formed key commercial partnerships with more than half a dozen of the top-30 global pharmaceutical companies.

Historically, the top 5% of research sites have accounted for about 70% of trials, excluding a majority of the population from accessing medical innovation. Inato’s novel approach allows experienced research sites outside of this top 5% to access trial opportunities with global sponsors and self-select the ones that are the best for them. Over the last year, Inato has enabled sponsors to select sites all the way through the 99th percentile. This model brings clinical research into communities across the globe and allows sponsors to access previously untapped patient populations.

"Our growth this past year proves a new approach to partnering with community sites is possible," said Kourosh Davarpanah, Inato’s Co-founder and CEO. "With the right support, sponsors are eager to work with a broader range of sites. By bringing experienced, high-performing research sites out of the shadow of large academic centers, we can reduce competition, speed up trial timelines, increase diversity, and ultimately bring innovative research to patients around the world."

Across the global sponsors that have posted a trial on Inato’s platform:

  • Over 80% add additional trials within the first six months
  • The average number of Inato sites per trial has grown by 180% in the last year, showing sponsors are not only willing to partner with community sites, but also that they have seen the value of it and continue to expand access for these sites
  • Eight trials are benefiting from Inato’s Inclusive Research program, which enables sponsors to connect with proven-diverse sites that have access to the exact patient populations needed for their trials

"The lack of diversity in clinical trials is a critical problem we’re facing as an industry," said Liz Beatty, Inato’s Chief Strategy Officer. "We need to take this opportunity to make research more inclusive by bringing it directly into the communities of those who need it most. It’s the right thing to do from an ethical perspective and it’s essential for ensuring the treatments are safe and effective for everyone."

Going forward in 2022, community sites will continue to play a critical role in increasing trial diversity, reducing competition, and expanding patient access. By disseminating clinical research into communities, we can create a future where trials are efficient, accessible, and inclusive for all. 

About Inato

Inato is decentralizing clinical research by enabling community-based investigators to bring the right trials to their patients, regardless of who they are or where they live. To do this, our platform connects global pharmaceutical companies with a broader range of research sites, while ensuring reliable high performance through collaborative, evidence-based enrollment planning and ongoing support. By enabling community sites to select the right opportunities for them, we make trials more accessible, efficient and inclusive. For more information, visit

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