Choose Ketamine Grows Advisory Team With Two New Medical Advisors

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to provide the safest, most effective at-home ketamine therapy possible, Choose Ketamine has announced it is expanding its Advisory Team to include two new members. Dr. Stephanie Lyn Coleman MD, MPH, a respected physician who has trained with Phil Wolfson the creator of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), has been a Choose Ketamine Medical Advisor since early 2022. She is now joined by Dr. Robyn Heister MD and Dr. Harbir Singh MD, MBA, FACEP.

Dr. Heister is stepping into the role of Chief Medical Officer for the Choose Ketamine Advisory Team. It’s a role she is distinctly qualified for given her experience as Director at Human Longevity Clinical Laboratories. After beginning her career in emergency medicine, Dr. Heister decided she wanted to focus on proactive, preventative care rather than addressing medical needs that are often beyond treatment. Dr. Heister’s background in high tech healthcare is an asset that will help Choose Ketamine develop their platform in a way that best serves patients.

Dr. Singh is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician that has dedicated his work to helping patients in and out of the hospital setting. One of his passions is improving healthcare systems that serve physicians and patients. As the CEO of Kyle ER & Hospital Dr. Singh has helped develop systems that have reduced the time it takes to get an appointment with a medical professional while simultaneously giving patients twice as much time with their physician compared to other local hospitals.

Choose Ketamine is adding experts to their Advisory Team as the company prepares to expand its ketamine therapy services nationwide by Q3 2023. A primary objective for the Choose Ketamine Advisory Team is providing an exemplary patient experience. “The goal is to increase access to ketamine therapy while continuing to provide the highest level of patient safety and quality care,” explained Dr. Coleman. She went on to say the Advisory Team plans to accomplish this goal by working together to create protocols for patient selection that are based on the most recent clinical data and patient feedback.

Hundreds of studies have found that at-home ketamine treatments are highly effective at reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Research has also proven that taking ketamine troches at home can be just as effective as treatments that are administered in a clinical setting. However, that is only the case when at-home ketamine therapy is prescribed and administered properly. The Choose Ketamine Advisory Team is tasked with ensuring patients are thoroughly evaluated and guided through the treatment process to optimize outcomes.


Choose Ketamine is a wellness platform that provides access to affordable ketamine therapy across the U.S. The company is dedicated to developing highly therapeutic customer journeys and patient protocols. In addition to ketamine assisted therapy experiences, Choose Ketamine is exploring novel sound and light therapies that have the potential to improve the ketamine assisted therapy experience and patient outcomes.

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