Chilean Astaxanthin Producer Atacama Bio Expands its Distribution Network in Asia in Collaboration with Nexus Wise

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia and IQUIQUE, Chile, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A.  (“Atacama Bio”) and Nexus Wise Sdn Bhd (“Nexus Wise”) announce an exclusive distribution partnership to commercialize NatAxtin™ branded Astaxanthin products in Malaysia and Singapore

As a leading nutraceutical company in Asia, Nexus Wise specializes in supplying remarkable natural ingredients. The partnership with Atacama Bio will expand its portfolio with NatAxtin™, an Astaxanthin range of products sustainably produced in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

“This is a significant milestone for our company. Nexus Wise’s current prime product is produced in a way that mimics its natural growing process, the same concept behind the production of NatAxtin™. Having an alignment on what we believe is the most important differentiation of a natural product makes our collaboration a solid one,” declared José Luis Arenas, Founder CEO of Atacama Bio.

Atacama Bio’s proprietary production process cultures Haematococcus pluvialis, taking advantage of the unique and ideal environmental conditions of the Atacama Desert to create a product “Made as nature intended.” The same propitious conditions allow Atacama Bio to have highly cost-effective, unparalleled production capacity.

Chris Tan, Executive Director of Nexus Wise, stated, “At Nexus, we demand more than just being a healthy ingredients distributor. Our mission is to nourish billions of lives worldwide, requiring a committed partner to put this to work. Both Atacama Bio and Nexus have been acknowledged for their innovation and share a common interest in developing high-quality products supported by strong clinical evidence. We are therefore more than delighted to begin our collaboration with Atacama Bio on shaping a better and healthier world.”

Natural Astaxanthin is known as “The King of Carotenoids” for its potent antioxidant activity. The parties will actively seek growth of the regional Astaxanthin market with NatAxtin™ range of products, including oleoresin, microencapsulated biomass, and cold-water-dispersible formats.

Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. is a private biotechnology corporation based in Chile that cultures Haematococcus pluvialis to extract NAXA verified Astaxanthin, the most potent antioxidant for healthy ingredients and supplements. The company’s name comes after the surrounding Atacama Desert, world-famous as an astronomer’s paradise because of its pristine atmosphere. Along with the highest solar irradiance in the world and access to pure underground water from the Andes Mountains, these privileged conditions translate into a cost-efficient, sustainable, and closer-to-natural growth of Haematoccocus pluvialis. We produce Astaxanthin as nature intended.

For additional information, please contact:

Tomás Arenas
VP Global Marketing
Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. 
Phone: +1 425 442 6432


Nexus Wise is a science based healthcare organization with HALAL, GMP and ISO 9001: 2015 certified in delivering Healthcare solutions. We emphasize on a combination between Nature, Science and Innovation, art of blending resources from the nature with modern sciences to introduce range of comprehensive innovations for the Food & Beverages and Nutraceuticals industry. We supply not only raw materials, processing, quality, innovative ingredients, our solutions address the world’s biggest concerns of to lead a healthier lifestyle while creating societal, environmental and economical value for our society.

For additional information and sales inquiries in Malaysia and Singapore, please contact:

Angelene Ong
Marketing Specialist 
Tel: +603-7728 1637 / +6013 386 1665

SOURCE Atacama Bio Natural Products

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