Child Care Can Lead to Physical Soreness. Proflexa Provides Welcome Relief.

The Potent Natural Topical Quickly, Safely, and Effectively Relieves Many of the Muscular and Joint-Related Pains That Young Parents Face

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The shift to parenthood can be intense. The mind, body, and soul must adjust to the sudden demand of being relied upon around the clock by another human being. One area that tends to quietly cause a significant amount of strain is the need to hold a baby for hours throughout the day.

Baby carrier brand Tushbaby points out that the pain of carrying a child can come from picking them up incorrectly, carrying them on the hip, and using a carrier poorly. Parenting site What to Expect adds that this pain can manifest in the back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and even the thumb. The New York Times highlights other factors that lead to this “repetitive stress” on a new parent’s body, such as holding a child the entire time they’re being fed.

The recurring nature of this common parenting pain leads many young mothers and fathers to look for an effective, non-aggressive solution. “Many informed young adults don’t want to be taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin on a daily basis,” says Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman, co-founder of the groundbreaking health brand Sinoveda. Tam-Zaman adds that there are many health risks associated with the persistent use of stronger anti-inflammatory pain relievers. “We knew there was a way to provide an easier avenue to pain relief without exchanging it for long-term health concerns. That’s why we came up with Proflexa.”

Proflexa is a topical cream for muscle and joint pain that combines seven ancient Chinese herbs in a uniquely potent and effective pain relief formula that boosts blood flow and reduces inflammation. “Proflexa was created using our proprietary PPT® approach to product creation,” explains Tam-Zaman, “The approach utilizes the precision of Western science, applying it to the ancient wisdom of Eastern medicine. We break down specifically what parts of these botanical elements help with healing, isolate those compounds, and then combine them in precise, formulaic doses to create predictable, steady results.” Company surveys have found that 90% of customers reported that Proflexa was able to deliver on its promise of both fast-acting and long-term pain relief.

Most parents struggle with physical pain on some level as they care for their newborns and infants. Proflexa offers a safe, natural, and extremely effective way to manage that pain on a daily basis without resorting to stronger, potentially dangerous pain-relief solutions.

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