Certify Health Joins Ray Lowe of AltaMed on “This Week Health” to Discuss Streamlining the Patient Experience

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The HIMSS conference, the largest healthcare technology conference in the world, has always been a place for the healthcare and tech industries to come together for partnerships and problem solving.

This year Kevon Kothari, Certify Health’s Chief Growth Officer, joined Bill Russell of the popular ‘This Week Health’ YouTube channel, and CIO of the Year Ray Lowe of AltaMed, to discuss streamlining patient experience and the vital importance of cutting-edge technology in transforming modern healthcare processes.

For Ray and Kevon, it was a chance to explain a groundbreaking partnership, focused on improving care for elderly patients and leveraging technology to simplify and streamline patient identification, from check-in to follow-up care.

“Ultimately we’re all working helping to streamline the patient intake process,” said Kevon.

“We’re trying to reduce the number of touch points that a patient has with the front desk staff. We’re trying to capture as much data before they enter the healthcare provider’s office so that experience is as frictionless and streamlined as possible.

“We can do insurance and identity verification before they come to the front desk. On the back end we can help them pay their bills and copays, and send out surveys and other care plans that might be important for them to be able to maintain their account.”

Ray, a well-known figure at HIMSS and in the wider technology community, talked about AltaMed’s recent adoption of Certify’s Facecheck technology, which is helping elderly patients enjoy a smoother healthcare process as their needs become more frequent.  

AltaMed is working to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services to underserved communities. One of their key initiatives involves providing healthcare access to seniors, with 50,000 vehicle trips a month bringing seniors into their centers. Many of these customers suffer from arthritis and other conditions that make biometric approaches to patient recognition unworkable.

“We thought, how do we create a solution that’s friendly to seniors?” said Ray.

“Maybe we can do something with facial recognition, because folks with arthritis find it hard to use other types of biometrics.

“We moved forward with Certify and we were able to implement a platform inside the facilities, but then we extended it further into our buses, and our fleet.

“It’s working to be seamless, our seniors are really liking it, we’re at two centers right now, and we’re looking to go across fourteen. There’s a streamlined efficiency across the spectrum. We’re going to extend it.”

Kevon believes that partnerships with organizations like AltaMed have the power to genuinely transform positive patient identification, and to positively impact the end user.

“We help our partners figure out ways of driving utilization, driving optimization, driving efficiencies in their work flows, so they can ensure the experience on the end for their patients is better.”

See the full interview with Bill Russell on ‘This Week Health.’ Out now.

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