CereHealth Promotes Shane Quint to President and Hires Wendy Turman as Chief Financial Officer to Launch of iLLUME Ai Software Platform

LITTLETON, Colo., Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CereHealth Corporation, a healthcare technology company that provides a browser based clinical decision support and predictive analytics platform called iLLUME Ai, has announced the promotion of Shane Quint to the role of President and Chief Technology Officer, and named Wendy Turman as the new Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Quint assumed his new role in mid-October of 2021 and Ms. Turman in April of 2022.

Quint has more than 17 years of senior management experience, including 8 years as Chief Technology Officer of CereScan, a functional brain imaging and analytics clinic. Prior to that, Quint served as the CTO of Education Sales Management, which was acquired by Xerox in 2011, and was a consultant to Kroger, United Artists Theaters, Level 3 Communications, and US West.

Turman has more than 18 years of senior management experience, most recently as the Managing Director and CFO for MCE Social Capital, a global impact investing firm. Prior to that, Turman was the Manager of Financial Solutions for Frontside Analytics, CFO of Tug McGraw Foundation, and Senior Managing Consultant for PFM Group.

“CereHealth’s acceleration to medical analytics as a service company requires having great people at all levels,” said John Kelley, CereHealth’s Chairman of the Board. “We cannot be more pleased to have a President and a CFO who are great leaders, students of data analytics, and passionate about what they do as we evolve as a company.”

CereHealth launched iLLUME Ai, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology platform that structures patient data, streamlines record management, and connects disparate systems for future delivery of clinical decision support, in June of 2021. The shift in its business model comes after twelve years of operating CereScan, a functional brain imaging and analytics clinic in Colorado, where it developed FDA-cleared CereMetrix, a tool that aids in the evaluation of digital medical images. iLLUME Ai leverages CereHealth’s deep expertise in brain health data collection and analytics, as well as extensive knowledge and input from neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other brain experts.

“Neuroscientists and others in the brain health field struggle daily with medical records that are disconnected, incomplete, and difficult to navigate. Clinicians spend too much time replicating patient data and clinical notes in EMR, billing, and scheduling systems,” said Quint. “iLLUME Ai addresses these issues, and additionally provides actionable insights that save time and improve patient care.”

iLLUME Ai structures clinical intake, medical history, imaging data, blood tests, neuropsychological testing, among other data points, and integrates with EHR systems. This complex medical data is organized in a way that allows iLLUME Ai to emphasize the relationships among the data and identify patients with similar characteristics. It also provides insight on diagnosis and effective therapies. iLLUME Ai is ideal for small-to-medium neuroscience practices, but Quint and his colleagues anticipate additional applications in clinical research, neuroscience academia, and other medical fields.

“Our methods for collecting and structuring data, then analyzing relationships among thousands of variables is applicable to a wide variety of clinical and research settings. It is all about turning data into knowledge, knowledge that can be used to improve patients’ lives,” said Quint.

For more information about iLLUME Ai or to schedule a demo visit www.illumeai.com or contact Jeff Kelley at (303) 954-4953 or 345097@email4pr.com.

About CereHealth Corporation

CereHealth is a Colorado-based healthcare technology company. Its mission is to create better experiences for providers and better outcomes for patients by developing software that streamlines the capture and analysis of medical data for the delivery of intelligent clinical decision support.

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