Cancer Check Labs Successfully Detects Whole Tumor Cells In Cancer Patients As Early as Stage 0

In collaboration with Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, Cancer Check Labs is the first to demonstrate the ability to detect and produce images of whole circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in stage 0 and stage 1 breast cancer patients. 

DALLAS, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cancer Check Labs (“Company”), a leader in early cancer detection through blood screening tests, along with clinical partners Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center, the largest private cancer center on the West Coast, and Christus St. Michael, W. Temple Webber Cancer Center, today announced results from a breakthrough study demonstrating the ability to detect, capture, and image whole, intact circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from Stage 0 and Stage 1 breast cancer patients.

Detailed in a new white paper, Cancer Check Labs has successfully produced whole images of CTCs from the blood of several breast cancer patients, which comprised tangible cellular tissue that can be placed on a glass slide for visual inspection by a board-certified pathologist. Upon examination, a board-certified pathology report that conforms with established standard of care protocols is issued to the customers. Further, because the research has shown CTCs to be detected as early as Stage 0, Cancer Check arguably provides the earliest cancer detection test available.

“Our proprietary filtration-based CTC detection test represents a significant leap forward in oncology screening” said Sumit Rai, CEO of Cancer Check Labs. “These initial findings have the potential to expand the window of detection of cancer to much earlier time frames which, according to the American Cancer Society, is the key to significantly increasing patient survival rates. CTCs also implicate the existence of metastatic cancer which suggests that a new, more aggressive protocol for early cancer detection is needed, especially for devising personalized therapeutic strategies.”

Among the many implications of CTC detection is the potential for providing invaluable information to ascertain their site and tissue of origin when radiology or other screening methods are unable. The use of immunochemical and immunofluorescent staining techniques to isolated CTCs like those shown in Cancer Check Labs’ samples can swiftly narrow down the most likely site(s) of origin, e.g. lung, thyroid, breast, or colon, based on the characteristic pattern of positive and negative antibody staining that has been described in the literature for various types of cancers.

“We are incredibly excited about the potential impact of our findings,” said Dr. Arun Balakumaran, lead author, hematologist, oncologist, drug developer, former Merck Distinguished Scientist, and industry veteran. “Our ability to capture and image whole circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood samples of early-stage breast cancer patients showcases the robustness of our early detection technology. Whole intact cells provide unprecedented detail, offering a comprehensive view that can significantly enhance early cancer detection accuracy and we look forward to its central role in transforming early cancer detection and management”

Unlike other currently available early cancer detection blood tests which produce liquid biopsies with ctDNA-based partial detection and carry a high percentage of false positives, Cancer Check Labs has the ability to detect 200+ known types and subtypes of solid tumors with just a blood draw through the identification of whole circulating tumor cells. In essence, the Company is producing a whole body tissue biopsy from a blood sample; a process which doesn’t rely on complicated machine learning algorithms or artificial intelligence and which easily fits into established medical protocols.

About Cancer Check Labs

Cancer Check Labs is on a mission to save lives through early detection. Cancer Check is a test that can screen for 200+ cancers by physically extracting whole, intact circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from a blood sample. Because CTCs have been detected in blood samples as early as Stage 0, Cancer Check arguably provides the earliest cancer detection test available today. Cancer Check Labs is headquartered in Dallas, TX. 

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