Braving New Frontiers in Cancer Monitoring – Learn Look Locate (LLL) Hosts Educational Natera™ Site for Personalized Signatera™ Tests

And welcomes new medical mavericks to the LLL team: Dr. David Light and Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley

TUCSON, Ariz., Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following a previous collaboration with Natera, a global cell-free DNA testing leader, LLL announced that it would host a dedicated webpage,  for Natera’s revolutionary molecular residual disease assay (MRD) test: Signatera. MRD is used to describe the small amount of residual cancer cells that patients retain after cancer treatment and is used as a major predictor of relapse. The new LLL page will highlight the benefits of Signatera, while also giving patients and readers access to LLL’s vast archive of breast cancer resources.

Signatera™: Personalized Testing for Cancer Patients

The Signatera MRD assay can detect cancer recurrence far earlier than conventional methods by monitoring circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). And it is a leap forward in cancer aftercare.

“Signatera takes cancer management to a whole new level,” said Dr. Barry Rosen, Senior Medical Advisor for LLL. “It harnesses a patient’s unique tumor signature to provide timely and precise detection of disease recurrence. Simply put, early detection has always been the key to fighting cancer and its recurrence. Now we have a simple blood test that can be part of a patient’s precise surveillance plan – this is the master key we’ve all been looking for.”

The Natera page on LLL offers a wealth of resources to break down pioneering ctDNA technology and simply explain its use. Users can find detailed guides and links on adding Signatera as part of their aftercare vigilance regimen, along with charts detailing its efficacy compared to other diagnostic tools, with testimonials from patients who have enjoyed the benefits of early-relapse detection.

LLL’s Newest Medical Experts: Learn Look Locate Welcomes Experts in Mammography and Breast Reconstruction.

“Introducing two new experts holds paramount significance for us,” emphasized Cynthia Jordan, LLL founder. “Ensuring easy access to the latest advances in one centralized place is vital for everyone’s understanding and empowerment.”

  • Dr. David Light: A board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction, Dr. Light performs over 300 primary and revision breast reconstructions annually, including advanced microsurgical procedures like DIEP and TUG/PAP flaps. Dr. Light has a special interest in utilizing creative techniques like Extended DIEP flaps, Stacked flaps and Hybrid flaps for patients who seek natural tissue reconstructions, but may lack sufficient volume.

  • Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley: The Medical Director of The Breast Center at CARTI, Dr. Smith-Foley is a leader in her field, making vast contributions through peer-reviewed articles and reader studies. Serving on advisory boards like Hologic and Beekley Medical, her work centers on early breast cancer detection, genetic testing, and specialized screening for high-risk and dense-breasted women.

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