Blue Sun Mycology Group Announces Filing of 2 US Patents for Methods Related to Inventing Impossible Novel Species of Psychoactive Fungi

SALEM, Ore., Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oregon based BLUE SUN MYCOLOGY GROUP LLC ("Blue Sun", "Blue Sun Myco" or "The Company"), is pleased to announce that in July it has filed a new non-provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect its scientific method of creating novel interspecific (species x species) or intergeneric (genus x genus) psychoactive species of fungi through sexual hybridization.

The patent, which is an easier, much more reliable method than the previous methods, covers a method of sexual hybridization that can be performed in fewer steps and overcomes barriers set by species or genus.

Blue Sun is also pleased to announce that it has just filed its 2nd US patent application that describes 3 of its proprietary, unconventional scientific methods of creating novel interspecific or intergeneric psychoactive species of fungi, plants, and a combination of fungi and plant. Blue Sun Myco is also just days away from filing a 3rd US patent, that covers a method of combining foreign substances, molecules, and compounds into the already existing compounds found in fungi, thus creating new naturally created novel compounds. The company is only weeks away from harvesting its 1st crop of Psilocybin containing mushrooms that were naturally infused with THC. HPLC, Gel Electrophoresis, and DNA analysis will be completed from samples collected from this harvest by November. Trials for producing and harvesting a small crop of LSD and DMT infused psilocybin mushrooms are already underway.

Blue Sun Mycology Group has already created more than a dozen novel species using its patent pending methods and is currently doing lab analysis on some of these novel species before submitting patents and biological samples to the ATTC for those invented species. The company plans to submit US patents for at least 3 of these novel species, no later than the end of this year.

These proprietary breeding methods and newly created species, developed by Blue Sun Myco, will forever change the Psilocybin Industry. Until the creation of these scientific processes, species to species or genus to genus breeding had not been consistently possible. These soon to be patented methods allow for perpetual and consistent creation of new species to be provided for the psychedelic market.

Blue Sun Mycology Group is also pleased to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary company, Vision Spores, which also utilizes the breeding methods to breed exciting new sub-variants of already existing wild or domesticated fungi (novel intraspecific hybrids) that will be available for microscopic use only. Spore samples which are exclusive to Vision Spores and a full line of clothing and other merchandise will be available for retail via a website which will launch this Winter. Spores will be offered in 3 sample types: Spore Swab, Spore Syringe, or Spore Print.

Blue Sun and Vision Spores are both pleased to announce that they will both be sponsoring the Meet Delic event in Las Vegas this November, alongside Delic Corp. Meet Delic is the world’s premier psychedelic and wellness event catering to holistic healers, revolutionary businesses and thought leaders, and curious newcomers. It’s an exciting two-day event that will be held at Area 15 in Las Vegas on November 6 – 7.

Blue Sun Mycology Group also has plans to form a joint venture with another company owned by one of its founders, Yellow Sky Biology Group, to create Scarlet Begonias Biotech which will be working on developing hybrids between plant and fungi. This joint venture plans to take place by the end of this year. One of the projects that Scarlet Begonias Biotech will be working on, utilizing its patent pending methods, is the possibility of growing fungi DNA infused plants in the vacuum of space.

Blue Sun Mycology Group LLC

Blue Sun Mycology group is a fungi specific biotech breeding company dedicated to the development and commercialization of novel species that have naturally produced compounds that may be beneficial in medicinal or any other utility contexts. Blue Sun’s experienced mycological breeding team has the capability to design and engineer an infinite amount of novel species that can be utilized to meet many applications. By aiming to leverage strategic partnerships with scientific, medical, industrial, military, or clinical organizations who are seeking natural solutions and resources, for the development of their products Blue Sun aims to be at the forefront of this emerging need in the industry.

Vision Spores

Vision Spores is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Sun Mycology Group. It also utilizes the patented methods to create sub-variants of already existing fungi which it then sells the spores of which are intended for microscopic use only, via a website. Vision Spores fills a void in the microscopic mycology community, which is the need for exciting and new genetic material to analyze. New material hasn’t been available to this community since the 1990’s. Vision Spores aims to change that by creating a new wave of genetic spore material that will feed the needs of the microscopic mycology community for the next 30 years. Vision Spores was created as a way to give back to the mycology community. It offers a full line of clothing and merchandise and has an entire menu of free spores that were donated by the mycology community for other customers to select from. Vision Spores is also committed to donating proceeds of certain spores to charity.

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