Biointelli Latest Release and Founder Featured in Life Sciences Review

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Biointelli, a leading provider of proprietary algorithms for big data analysis and databases for the life science business market, today shared its inclusion in the November 2022 issue of Life Sciences Review as the cover story for their Life Sciences Marketing Edition. The publication, which reaches a combined digital and print subscriber base of over 124,000, targets senior and executive-level life sciences professionals to provide them with unique insights into the ever-evolving industry.

The Biointelli feature story highlights the complexity of life sciences marketing and the critical needs that the Biointelli platform has filled in its 15-year history. Tracking the inception of the company, founder and CEO David Hines identified demand in the market for a solution that would help identify leads while also prioritizing product knowledge and targeted customer data. The outcome was the creation of the Biointelli targeted marketing platform, designed to put users in the driver’s seat when it comes to curating and isolating the best contacts that match their novel products and technologies. As Hines was quoted in the Life Sciences Review article, “Understanding the language of millions of scientists globally is key to a successful marketing, sales, and product management.”

More recently, Biointelli launched the 2.0 release of its platform featuring a number of usability and search improvements including a completely revamped user interface. Additional data categories include dedicated areas for customers to interact with funding, publication, conference, purchasing, and industry data. New to the platform is an enhanced key influencer and key innovators database. Real-time integrations help users append their existing databases with timely, relevant contacts who are primed to receive tailored messaging about the topics germane to their line of work, current, or recent projects. The primary Biointelli database includes information on over two million contacts and is refreshed on a weekly basis. “In the hyperspecialized world of life sciences marketing, it’s all about matching scientific products to the scientific researchers’ interest on a highly technical and specific level,” said Hines in the latest issue of Life Sciences Review.

Customers are able to interact with Biointelli data through easy-to-use FTP import/export capabilities that integrate with their CRM system of choice. Data curation services, individualized weekly email reports, and keyword targeting searches make it so any user with any level of data science expertise can interact with and leverage the Biointelli platform. Users are able to work from highly targeted, hyperspecialized contact lists to present their equally specialized products in a way that truly resonates with customers, whether they’re lab managers or post docs.

About Biointelli

Biointelli provides proprietary algorithms for big data analysis and databases for the life science business market. The Biointelli platform is an essential tool for selling and marketing into government, private biotech and biopharma, academic, research institutes, hospitals VC, and thousands of other life science funding sources. Biointelli provides a weekly analysis of global funding, custom tailored to our clients’ needs to increase scientific leads and support marketing. Real-time data sources and robust search parameters allow marketing and sales leaders to take charge of their targeted lead generation efforts with state-of-the-art tools at their fingertips to highlight pivotal technologies to key influencers, thought leaders, and subject matter experts in their fields.


SOURCE Biointelli Corporation