BDC Advisors Issues New Working Paper Providing Fresh Insights on How State Programs and Health Plans Are Leading Medicaid Innovation and the Challenges and Opportunities for Hospitals and Health Systems to Advance Health Care Equity

MIAMI, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BDC Advisors, the healthcare strategy consulting firm, today issued a new working paper: "State Programs and Health Plans Lead Medicaid Innovation." The paper describes how the pandemic has thrown a spotlight on government sponsored healthcare and the need for greater health equity— with some 161 million Americans now enrolled in government supported healthcare. BDC Advisors provides a fresh overview and assessment for senior health system executives, Boards of Trustees and physician leaders of the challenges posed by Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), particularly for the "socially vulnerable." The authors provide examples of how states and Medicaid Managed Care Plans are leading in innovation to treat Medicaid beneficiaries more effectively and humanely, and how hospitals and health systems can rise to the challenges of SDOH.

The paper’s authors Pam Nicholson, MBA, Senior Advisor; Jackie Macias, EdD; and Whitney Perlen, MPH, Manager; describe how in the past decade state Medicaid programs and Medicaid Managed Care programs have embarked on a variety of innovative efforts to improve beneficiaries’ health experience—and to control costs. The paper outlines a variety of tactics that may be employed from combining traditional strategies such as stringent costs control and strong revenue cycle management, to a variety of newer tactics aimed at enhancing the value and quality of service within clinical networks.  The authors state that the goal of the paper is to highlight the activities of state Medicaid programs, Medicaid Managed Care Plans and others to address SDOH issues and increasingly focus on "whole person care."

BDC Advisors surveys efforts underway in Washington, Oregon, California, North Carolina, and Virginia where substantial statewide programs are being implemented to address SDOH issues and promote "whole person care." The authors demonstrate that through a combination of investing and building collaborative, data-driven relationships with community social service organizations, hospitals and health systems can improve the overall health in the communities they serve by providing value-based whole person care. The BDC Advisors team concludes that if health systems continue to stay on the side lines focusing primarily as resources for the sick "they may lose their status as leaders in the transformation of the delivery of healthcare."

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