Armbrust Inc. Expands into 100% Nitrile Gloves

American medical manufacturer continues efforts to become the premier source of USA-Made medical products and shore up domestic manufacturing.

ELGIN, Texas, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Medical manufacturing company Armbrust American has begun production of 100% American-made nitrile gloves, the next product offering in its mission to become the premier source for USA-Made medical products.

The reason is simple; there’s not enough quality control in the glove manufacturing space.

This is a problem that Lloyd Armbrust feels can only be addressed by reshoring nitrile glove manufacturing. “Most nurses we talked to consistently complained of gloves breaking, sometimes having to don 2 or 3 pairs, that’s not only dangerous for PPE that is made to protect frontline workers, but it’s bad for the environment. Most nurses we spoke with consistently complained of gloves breaking, sometimes having to don 2 or 3 pairs. That’s bad for both healthcare workers and the environment.”

Armbrust gloves are produced in Louisiana and include both FDA-cleared, chemo-rated gloves with a 510k and food grade industrial gloves. Sizes range from XS to XXL. This expansion will help ensure that US consumers and hospitals always have access to the highest quality gloves regardless of global supply chain issues.

“The FDA demands that all medical grade gloves meet strict standards for elongation and tensile strength—where gloves must maintain their strength by being stretched up to 5 times their length. But when we tested more than 20 Chinese brands, we found that nearly all of them failed these minimum standards,” said Lloyd Armbrust.

During the pandemic we learned that counterfeit and low-quality masks are a massive problem. Now Armbrust will be applying the same scrutiny to foreign glove manufacturers that it used to create its comprehensive mask database

Nitrile gloves are the perfect way to grow Armbrust American’s offerings, as well as a way we can continue to raise the bar for American manufacturing.  Armbrust will continue to expand product lines and work to ensure America’s manufacturing future by building the same kind of diversified, robust, and domestic supply chain that made our masks so successful.

About Armbrust American
Armbrust American’s mission is to bring strategic manufacturing back to the U.S., ensuring reliable production output and predictable pricing. Founded in 2020 by Y-Combinator alumni Lloyd Armbrust, the company currently operates a factory out of Elgin, Texas utilizing a proprietary mix of materials and manufacturing innovation to provide the highest quality PPE at a competitive cost. Visit for more information.

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