Armbrust Expands its Product Line with Kids Masks, PM 2.5+ Filter Inserts, & Case Subscriptions

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With health experts and elected officials now advocating for better quality masks to curb the pandemic, PPE manufacturer Armbrust American is expanding its line of products to include new PM 2.5+ Filter Inserts, KidSafe Pediatric Masks, and a bulk mask subscription option for small and medium businesses, the company announced today.

“The science is clear. The best way to get this pandemic under control is for everyone to start wearing better masks that are actually rated to block particulates as small as the coronavirus,” said Founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust. “Especially with the CDC advocating for children to return to school in person, manufacturing a mask option for kids that has a better fit as well as an option for those who use cloth masks with filter inserts are two big ways we can help get everyone properly protected.”

Made from N95 meltblown materials, Armbrust American’s new KidSafe Pediatric Masks are sized for children and those with smaller faces. KidSafe masks are also FDA-listed, third-party lab tested at 99% filtration, and available in our signature American Denim Blue as well as Pink. Additionally, our PM 2.5+ Electrostatic Filter Inserts are a must have addition for reusable face coverings. Our Filter Inserts utilize our proprietary Electrostatic Armor Meltblown filter material, able to block most particulate matter 0.1 microns in size. Plus, they have 25x better filtration than Chinese-made PM 2.5 inserts, while also being thinner and using less material.

Finally, customers also now have the option to subscribe for regular shipments of our FDA-listed American Denim Surgical Masks (2,000-count) at a deeply discounted price. Subscribers can also specify how often they’d like to replenish their supply, from monthly to every three months (cancel anytime).

About Armbrust American
Armbrust American’s mission is to bring strategic manufacturing back to the U.S. Founded in 2020 by Y-Combinator alumni Lloyd Armbrust, the company currently operates a factory out of Austin, Texas utilizing a proprietary mix of materials and manufacturing innovation to provide the highest quality PPE at a competitive cost. Lloyd was previously the founder and CEO of OwnLocal, a company that automates production for 3,500 newspapers worldwide.

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