Arkstone Now Factors Pregnancy for the OneChoice Report and MedsMatrix

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arkstone Medical Solutions, the leading provider of molecular laboratory infectious disease reporting and proactive antimicrobial stewardship, has once again raised the bar in infectious disease analysis for molecular laboratory results, adding pregnancy as a factor considered by the OneChoice Report and MedsMatrix.

Thousands of healthcare providers (HCPs) already rely on Arkstone’s OneChoice report and its innovative and informative overreads of laboratory results. The OneChoice decision engine weighs many different factors when analyzing a laboratory result and provides a treatment regimen that efficiently treats the patient, with the fewest antibiotics necessary to successfully cure the disease. This helps avoid unnecessary exposure to medications, reduces the risk of drug toxicity and side effects to the patient, and helps fight the rise of antimicrobial resistance.

Pregnancy can affect the treatment of infectious diseases by limiting the appropriate antimicrobials to just categories A and B, subsequently reducing risks to the fetus. Many HCPs treating infections in a pregnant patient have difficulty finding the best treatment, while also taking into consideration an antimicrobial that will have the lowest risk to the fetus.

Included with the lab result data already being sent to Arkstone, pregnancy information is sent seamlessly as well. HCPs can either select an ICD10 code that indicates pregnancy on their laboratories requisition form, or check a pregnancy indicator box if available on their laboratories requisition form as well. Arkstone will then receive this information from the laboratory LIS included with the lab result data, and the OneChoice report will indicate that the patient was reported pregnant, and tailor recommendations accordingly.

Unlike other traditional lab reports, the OneChoice report is tailored to provide patient specific targeted therapy at the moment an HCP receives each lab result. "There is no substitute for the OneChoice Report,” explains Dr. Ari Frenkel, Chief Sciences Officer, Co-Founder of Arkstone and infectious disease physician. "Knowing the safest antimicrobial to give during pregnancy is integral, and having this information at the clinician’s fingertips the moment they receive a lab result is a game changer." Pregnancy consideration is included with every OneChoice report and is automatically incorporated into the services provided by Arkstone.

In addition to pregnancy, the OneChoice report also analyzes the patient’s age (pediatric vs adult), gender, diagnosis, allergies, microbes, resistance genes, and uses this critical data to provide infectious disease guidance one would expect from experts. Therefore, enhancing the clinician’s ability to prescribe responsibly when treating their patient.

Lastly, a pregnancy warning is also displayed in the MedsMatrix, providing additional guidance for the clinician. Unlike other traditional drug tables or treatment indices, the Arkstone MedsMatrix is tailor made for the specific lab result and the patient. This revolutionary tool provides additional treatment by displaying medications and antimicrobials in an interactive matrix. Easy to understand icons will appear by each drug demonstrating why it can or cannot be used, and includes factors such as pediatrics, patient allergies, pregnancy contraindication and resistance broken down for each drug and microbe.

The MedsMatrix is available with every OneChoice report via the OneChoice Plus accessed by scanning the QR code found on each OneChoice Report with a mobile device or by clicking the QR code link. MedsMatrix can also be added to the OneChoice PDF for those clinicians who prefer hard copies or a single document.

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