Araya Partners with Levrx to Deliver Members a Virtual Pharmacist

Save on prescriptions with one trusted mobile app

LATHAM, N.Y., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Araya announces a strategic partnership with Levrx Technology Inc. to help Araya clients and members save money and better navigate the complex world of prescriptions with one trusted mobile app.

As prescription prices continue to skyrocket, containing costs becomes more and more challenging. Pharmacy Benefit Managers use many tools to make sure patients have access to the most cost-effective options possible. However, this often creates a complex benefit that is difficult for patients to easily understand what is best for them.

Araya is committed to delivering a transparent and painless pharmacy experience, which is why they have partnered with Levrx to deliver "Clara", Araya’s virtual pharmacist app. Clara is one trusted resource that delivers reliable and unbiased answers to important patient questions such as: what will this drug cost me, are there less expensive alternatives on my insurance, is there a coupon available, is it available at another pharmacy for a lower price, etc.

"By placing coverage information in this user-friendly app, we can increase consumerism, improve compliance, and lower costs for our clients. We believe our partnership with Levrx will enhance Araya’s transparent business model by helping members select the most cost-effective options at the point of prescribing," said Patrick McLaughlin, President at Araya.

The app empowers individuals with patient-specific information necessary to receive the right drug at the lowest cost. If something is to change in the future, they are proactively alerted to new cost-saving options and can easily switch medications or pharmacies with one click.   

"Through our partnership, Araya members can better understand and engage with the prescription programs that help control costs," said Vikram Agrawal, President & CEO at Levrx. "What’s been a happy surprise is the added trust and satisfaction that members now have for their insurance plan and employers."

"Our goal is to make the prescription process as affordable and simple as possible," says Vikash Agrawal, Executive Chairman at Levrx. "By embracing our technology, Araya improves their members’ prescription experience and empowers them to combat the rising costs."  

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About Levrx Technology: Levrx is an innovative software company that uses technology to transform the healthcare experience, one prescription at a time. Levrx aligns providers, patients, pharmacies, and payers on one digital platform to simplify prescribing and ensure affordability. To learn more, please visit:

About Araya: Araya is a next generation pharmacy benefit manager that aligns incentives with our clients to a transparent pass-through business model.  In contrast to most of the industry Araya has no ownership in the distribution system and passes all discounts and manufacturer rebates to our clients. Learn more at 

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