ARA Diagnostic Imaging Focuses on the Patient Estimator Experience by Successfully Deploying RoyalPay® From Royal Health – Improving Estimates, Eligibility and Pre-Service Collections

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Austin Radiological Association P.A. (ARA Diagnostic Imaging) has taken patient price transparency to the next level by deploying RoyalPay®, the secure, web-based, highly accurate estimation and payments engine, allowing clients to eliminate manual eligibility verification and complex payment calculations, while increasing time-of-service payments and patient satisfaction. Patients are also able to calculate what they will owe at any time with Royal’s web-based self-service estimator, ensuring transparency so patients feel more prepared, involved and informed on their care.

The value extends throughout the entire workforce; the registrars are now able to estimate and collect at time-of-service, and other operational departments can complete eligibility checks, estimate calculations for patients and complete prior authorizations, days and weeks, in advance. Increasing time-of-service payments increases daily cash flow and reduces invoicing and collection activities, allowing RoyalPay users to benefit from an almost instant ROI.

"ARA has always focused on providing the best patient experience possible", says Sandy Strickland, COO of ARA. "Part of that experience is pricing transparency and being able to provide patients an accurate estimate of their financial responsibility prior to their visit. Royal’s commitment to 95%+ accuracy moved the needle significantly on our pre-service collections and reduced patient statements significantly. RoyalPay has created efficiencies for staff, and Royal continues to be great partner for ARA moving forward." 

"Patient expectations are changing as they become more concerned and aware of the cost of their care. By giving patients access to their healthcare costs, and the ability to control how, and when to make a payment, RoyalPay provides the clarity and flexibility that today’s patients demand." says Peter Nassif, Chief Executive at Royal. "ARA Diagnostic Imaging has raised the bar, increasing automation and the accuracy of estimates – proven possible even when switching from another estimation tool to RoyalPay. When a patient can receive an estimated Explanation of Benefits ahead of receiving the medical services, the patient immediately forms a healthy perception of the clinic, resulting in increased patient satisfaction while allowing everyone in the exam life-cycle to focus on quality care."

About ARA Diagnostic Imaging Radiology
Headquartered in Austin, TX, ARA Diagnostic Imaging has been providing high quality imaging services throughout Central Texas since 1954, operating 17 outpatient imaging centers, and reading exams performed at 22 hospitals throughout Texas. ARA employs over 115 radiologists with multiple subspecialties, including musculoskeletal radiology, neuroradiology, body imaging, breast imaging, pediatric radiology, interventional radiology and neurointerventional surgery, emergency radiology, and molecular radiology.

About Royal Solutions Group, White Plains, NY
Royal, headquartered in White Plains, NY, is a leading provider of services and customized software to the health care industry. Royal’s suite of solutions, focus on patient, provider and operational workflows, optimizing engagement in all areas of a patient exam life cycle. Solutions include: RoyalPay® for insurance verification, estimation, prior authorization and streamlined payment processing; Royal Kiosks™ for patient pre-registration, paperless on-site registration, access and engagement; RoyalMD® for complete practice and referral management; Royal Alerts™ for robust messaging and notifications; Report Guard® for encryption, connectivity, and interoperability services.

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