Applied Cells Inc. Introduces the Offering of MARS® MAG Line Reagents for Complete Turnkey Solutions to Cell Isolation

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Applied Cells, a provider of cell preparation and isolation solutions for tumor and immune biology research, today announced the release of its MARS® MAG Line. Developed to support the expansion of turnkey applications on its MARS® Platforms. MARS MAG Line products are flexible magnetic labelling solutions that can isolate a wide range of cell types with high purity, high recovery, and high reproducibility ("3H Solution") from rare cells to T cells.

The MARS® MAG Line focuses on improving the cell enrichment needs in tumor biology, genomics analysis, and cell therapeutic development. Applied Cells MARS technologies are currently being utilized to support research and clinical trial that include enrichment of extremely low frequency cancer cells from various human samples, and large-scale T cell isolation. Applied Cells MARS workflow reduces human factors and automates cell isolation process to achieve the "3H Solution."

"Our MAG Line solutions are designed to isolate even the most challenging cell populations on our MARS Platforms," said Janette Phi, CCO of Applied Cells. "We are very excited to expand our reagent offerings through in-house and partnered programs to integrate the technologies for turnkey solutions. This can advance the detection of rare cancer cells and help accelerate development of cell therapeutic products."

MARS MAG Line announced today includes the MARS anti-Phycoerythrin Magnetic Nanobeads that:

  • reduces per experimental costs 
  • enables flexible protocols in capturing and purifying any subpopulation of PE-labelled cells
  • provides easy workflow protocols that can be as simple as a two-step "Add-Add-Run" process.

More MARS MAG Line products, including antibodies and other reagents, that complement the MARS anti-Phycoerythrin Magnetic Nanobeads will become available in coming months.

About MARS Platform 

Applied Cells MARS Platform can streamline the sample preparation and cell isolation process by utilizing multi-physics approach that provide:

  • Fast, automated, reproducible cell enrichment for cell analysis or single cell sequencing
  • Target cell recovery with high purity, high recovery, and high reproducibility ("3H Solution")
  • High sensitivity MRD (Minimum Residual Disease) enrichment
  • Immune cell isolation from small to large scale with full-enclosure bag-based capability

About Applied Cells

Applied Cells was founded to create revolutionary cell separation and enrichment products, which can increase cell separation efficiency by fundamentally changing how physics is employed in the process. Applied Cells commits in battling against cancer by providing tools that are capable of isolating rarest cancer cells and also capable of extracting highest quality immune cells to achieve better cell therapies, while for a fraction of current market costs to enable broader access. MARS is a registered trademark of Applied Cells. 

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Janette Phi
Applied Cells Inc.

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