Ananta Medicare Is a Story of Healthcare Success Built on Teamwork

The Ananta Team Has Put Years of Collective Hard Work Into Building a Superior Healthcare Culture

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ananta Medicare is a global brand that has been in existence for over two decades. Throughout that time, the company’s growing staff has maintained an impressive emphasis on collectively working toward a critical motto: “Endless care about your health.”

“Ananta is a brand that wouldn’t exist without the ongoing efforts of countless individuals,” says company president Mr. Pradeep Jain. “Our success story is the result of years of hard work and dedication from our entire team. Our staff has labored (and continues to do so) across the globe from India to Europe and beyond in the name of creating a higher standard for the global healthcare culture. We know what it’s like to fight for health and high quality of life for our patients because we’ve been working toward that goal for two decades and counting.”

Ananta’s subsidiary companies operate around the world, where they specialize in both manufacturing and marketing high-quality health products comprised of in-house formulations. A key motivator throughout this activity is a proactive effort to preserve and protect health. “One of the chief goals of Ananta is to protect and preserve the most important human values: the desire for good health and the best quality of life possible,” says Jain. “Those goals can’t be achieved if every medical solution comes as a reaction.”

The president goes on to explain that Ananta’s vast and comprehensive product portfolio is split into two categories: medicines and natural remedies, which both prevent and treat various diseases. This dual focus on prevention as well as healing existing medical concerns lines up with Ananta’s explicitly stated emphasis on good health and quality of life.

It’s an objective that, on a global scale like this, requires the tireless effort and coordination of a like-minded team of skilled and ambitious individuals. Ananta’s staff has been the bedrock of its sustained success, and it remains the driving force behind the company’s ongoing growth (which will soon include entrance into the North American marketplace). From quality control to innovation, customer service to ethics, Ananta’s success has had one thing in common at every turn: a group of individuals who value the power of teamwork.

About Ananta Medicare: Ananta Medicare Limited was founded in 1999 and consists of a group of companies that specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products with natural components. These include generic medicines, food supplements, and cosmetics. The brand has plants in India each dedicated to specific manufacturing needs. It also has offices in the UK, India, and Ukraine. The vision of the company is and always has been to protect and preserve health and increase quality of life. Learn more at

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