Amsety Announces ACRE, an AI-Based Solution to Improve Patient Enrollment in Clinical Trials for Liver Disease

Amsety is connecting the dots in patient recruitmentwith a novel way to engage with liver patients

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amsety, a liver health solutions start-up announced the release of its new artificial intelligence-driven Amsety Clinical Recruitment Engine (“ACRE”). ACRE combines decisional AI and messaging tools with a proprietary, self-selected database of over half a million users to help efficiently reach and effectively communicate with liver patients. As proven in the first pilot projects, ACRE is an effective way to engage candidates for clinical trials and educational outreach in the context of liver health and other metabolic diseases.

Millions of Americans with Liver Disease, Yet Clinical Trials Are Struggling with Patient Recruitment

Despite over 100 million Americans being affected by liver disease, clinical trial recruiters experience a shortage of eligible liver patients to enroll in their studies resulting in high recruitment failure rate, prolonged clinical studies, and delay in drug development.

Currently, the average rate of enrollment for NASH/MASH studies in the US and Europe is just 0.1 patient per site per month,* which leads to significant cost overruns and delays important therapies for patients.

“The MASH clinical trial state has been plagued with elevated screen failure rates, often exceeding 85%. For completion of the numerous forthcoming phase 3 trials, we can estimate more than 40,000 to 50,000 screens will be needed to meet randomization goals”, shared Dr. Guy W. Neff, M.D., MBA, FAASLD, of Covenant Metabolic Specialists.

“The medical community is under immense pressure to develop pharmaceuticals able to prevent or even reverse liver fibrosis in this population,” adds Dr. Tarek Hassanein, M.D. of Southern California Liver Centers.

What is ACRE?

ACRE is a proprietary technology developed by Amsety combining an AI tool, a number of patient engagement tools, and the company´s huge Database of over 500,000 highly motivated and engaged users with liver and metabolic diseases. ACRE offers a novel method to activate patients more rapidly and efficiently for recruitment into clinical trials and disease education.

“ACRE is connecting the many dots in patient recruitment. Successful patient enrollment in clinical trials is impossible without finding the right way to engage and communicate with liver patients, as well as increase patients´ awareness about liver health, and ACRE is the first AI-powered tool to offer all these capabilities at once,” says Mustafa Behan, Founder of Amsety.

The patient engagement tools employed in ACRE include the Amsety Bar, the first nutrition bar to support liver health, the BetterLix App, an AI-powered App to support healthy habits, as well as online tools such as the Liver Health Score.

Amsety will be presenting ACRE alongside Amsety Bar® and the BetterLix App at the upcoming AASLD Liver Meeting® in Boston from November 10th until November 14th, 2023 (Booth #: D3039).

About Amsety

Amsety is a liver health tech start-up with a mission is to improve the quality of life of liver patients by offering a holistic approach to liver health. Amsety created Amsety Bar®, the first nutrition bar supporting liver health, the BetterLix App, an AI-based mobile application that guides individuals towards liver-healthier habits, and the Liver Health Score, a free online quiz to determine how liver-healthy one´s lifestyle is. For more information, visit and  

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