American Society of Pharmacovigilance Amplifies Coordinated Efforts on Third Annual National Adverse Drug Event Day

HOUSTON, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Almost one million Americans have died of adverse drug events, many avoidable, in the three year history of National Adverse Drug Event (ADE) Day. The American Society of Pharmacovigilance (ASP) is proud to spotlight the unified efforts of healthcare organizations nationwide to address this public health crisis. Today, ASP alongside numerous partners, reinvigorates the commitment to advancing drug safety through a collective push towards reducing ADEs, the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. The society encourages individuals and professionals alike to visit to deepen their understanding and participation in this critical cause.

National ADE Day has become a cornerstone event for rallying healthcare providers, patients, and policymakers around the vital issue of medication safety. Through coordinated messaging and shared initiatives, this year’s observance underscores the power of collaboration in amplifying the impact of pharmacovigilance practices and promoting a culture of safety and transparency within the healthcare system.

The theme of this year’s National ADE Day centers on community and collaboration, highlighting the importance of every voice in the fight against ADEs. Through the central hub at, ASP aims to provide a platform for sharing resources, experiences, and strategies to mitigate the risks associated with adverse drug events.

“Reflecting on the progress since the inception of National ADE Day, we’re inspired by the collective action and heightened awareness within our communities,” said Benjamin Brown, ASP Executive Director. “This year, we emphasize the strength of our united efforts and encourage everyone to contribute to this critical dialogue by visiting Together, we can continue to make strides towards safer medication practices and ultimately, save lives.”

As part of the day’s activities, healthcare organizations across the country are hosting webinars, workshops, and public awareness campaigns, all accessible through These events serve as a call to action for healthcare professionals, patients, and the public to engage with the latest research, tools, and guidelines for preventing ADEs.

The ASP invites all stakeholders to join this national movement by visiting to learn more, share their stories, and access valuable resources. Through collaboration and education, we can achieve a future where adverse drug events are no longer a leading cause of harm in healthcare settings.

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