American Council of Cannabis Medicine Announces ‘Yes We Cann!” Program to Support Major Index and Elevated States Programs

WASHINGTON, June 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced today, support for two major initiatives further accelerating access, research and professionalization of medical cannabis. The National Medcann Index and Elevated States programs bring together multiple stakeholders in cooperation with ACCM’s "Yes We Cann!" initiative to support these significant efforts.

"Yes We Cann! Program promotes and supports advocacy at all levels of medical cannabis.  While most recognized as support programming for federal legislative access and professional research, it is way more." says, Glen Caroline,CAO at  WAB Strategic and ACCM Outreach Committee Co-Chair "Multiple state initiatives are underway. MedCann Index and Elevated States are prime examples of how ACCM as the primary Industry Council can make a huge difference. Through engagement of our stakeholders and supporters, our efforts will be greatly amplified."

The National Medcann Index is using sound methodology and research executed by a blue ribbon advisory board, of medical, research, legislative and industry experts.  As is common with other health focused indexes, MedCann will provide a valuable scorecard and rankings to help advance professional medical cannabis.

"Throughout healthcare, indexes benchmark everything from heart heath to system standards. These types of review and rankings drive almost every aspect of medicine today." Says, Dr. Dale Paulson, CEO of Allegiance Research and Medcann Index Lead Director "Evaluating the state medical cannabis programs will provide a scientific path to improvement."

"MedCann project has been in development for three years. The comprehensive effort is impressive indeed! ASCM’s commitment to professional standards makes this a sensible fit, and we’re pleased to be a lead sponsor of the project" says, Garnett Meador, EVP/CEO of the American Society of Cannabis Medicine. "Our physicians are committed to the professional practice and data-driven science of cannabinoid medicine to advance public health. They are pleased to participate in the index’s boards, supporting its ultimate purpose to improve patient outcomes."

ACCM’s Elevated States Program launches in Utah, Pennsylvania and Florida next month under the "Yes We Cann!" banner, aligning the medical cannabis vertical in each state, providing extensive public and medical education. Raising awareness/advancing professionalization.

"ACCM is incredible. "Yes We Cann!" advocacy is the industry standard." says, Steve Bate CEO of ComCan Healthcare and ACCM Veterans Affairs Committee Co-Chair "Elevated States connects the stakeholders (including our vets). Only ACCM could pull off a program like this. As a cancer survivor who benefited from medical cannabis, I want to help educate as many people as possible." 

"We are pleased with ACCM’s education programs." says, Lance Davis, Vice President of Government Affairs at CannaScripts, Inc. "The "Yes We Cann! – Elevated State" program is very exciting to see. ACCM alignments help many people."

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the "Voice of American Medical Cannabis" ACCM represents the America’s medical-cannabis industry, supporting millions of U.S. jobs and backed by a growing grassroots movement with millions of

beneficiaries. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state-licensed programs. Additionally, members include supporting companies, health industry, physicians, researchers, patient advocacy groups, insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  Members participate in ACCM’s 14 standing area-centric committees. ACCM was started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group and has developed into the premier industry 501c4. Our pressing objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and improve state access.

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SOURCE American Society of Cannabis Medicine