Altaviz Gas-Powered Auto-Injector Platform for High Viscosity and High-Volume Biologics Drug Delivery Receives Strong Market Interest as Innovation Continues

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Altaviz, a designer, developer and manufacturer of medical devices and drug delivery platforms, is experiencing a surge of interest for the recently announced (October 2023) AltaVISC Auto-injector Platform (AltaVISC). AltaVISC is the first, fully customizable gas-powered auto-injector platform designed specifically for high viscosity, high-volume biologic therapies. The company continues to invest in the AltaVISC platform with ongoing development of the standard system building blocks (application accelerators) which enable organizations to rapidly customize the platform for a broad variety of applications and accelerate time to market.

In the last three months big pharma has taken notice of AltaVISC. Multiple of the top pharmaceutical organizations have engaged in early-stage and evaluation projects with the new gas-powered auto-injector platform. This strong interest is driven by a growing gap in the market, as newer classes of biologic drugs have higher viscosities and require delivery of larger volumes outside of the capabilities of traditional spring-powered auto-injectors.

AltaVISC has moved beyond multiple critical performance barriers of legacy spring-powered auto-injectors. At the Platform’s core, AltaVISC has a gas-powered drive system supplied by Picocyl (an Altaviz affiliate company) which enables the hand-held delivery system to boast an elegant user experience along with high performance. Additionally, AltaVISC incorporates traditional glass syringes and small needles yet achieves higher performance (over spring-based systems) due to soft-start and silent delivery characteristics. This gentle delivery dramatically improves the patient experience while enabling delivery of higher concentration formulations. AltaVISC has essentially no upper limit to the viscosity and/or volume that can be delivered.

AltaVISC is also gaining traction because of its versatility for a wide range of applications. This drug delivery technology can be used for high viscosity biologic delivery, high volume delivery, subcutaneous delivery, and intramuscular delivery.

“We are thrilled with the incredible market response,” says Jack Auld, Co-CEO at Altaviz. “AltaVISC is an immediate solution to a real problem in the industry. Up to this point the development of next generation biologic therapies have out-paced the capabilities of drug-delivery technologies…but, no longer. With AltaVISC, novel biologic solutions can get to market faster.”

AltaVISC is a fully integrated platform with an exceptional user experience for both medical professionals and patients. This gas-powered auto-injector provides the high energy density required for biologic therapy delivery. System highlights include:

  • Deliver High Viscosity and High-Volume Biologics
  • Silent Delivery (Comfortable Patient Experience)
  • No Syringe Breakage
  • Customizable Force Characteristics
  • Consistent, Life-Long Performance
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Flexible, Low-Cost Manufacturing

“Legacy spring-based drug delivery systems are simply not capable of supporting the evolving biologic class of drugs” Auld said. “Drug delivery technology has come to an inflection point, where innovation is now a requirement. The old ways are no longer viable. Gas power is the energy source of the new age of drug delivery, it creates incredible energy density, is extremely tunable and is silent when activated. With AltaVISC, we have harnessed this power to create a pharma-friendly, physician-friendly, patient-friendly auto-injector for the present and future.”

Altaviz takes the AltaVISC Auto-Injector Platform on the road this month to Pharmapack (Paris: Jan. 24-25). Visit Altaviz in Booth J59, where there will be live technology demonstrations showcasing AltaVISC in two scenarios: 2 mL of 100 cp drug thru 27G thin wall needle in 11 seconds; and 5.5 mL of 30 cp drug thru 27G thin wall needle in 10 seconds.

About Altaviz
Altaviz was founded in 2012, by an experienced team of medical design engineers who collectively had a passion for working in a creative environment. The Altaviz Team’s focus was to design and manufacture products that improved patient safety and enabled medical practitioners to improve their practices. The name “Altaviz” was chosen to represent the company’s vision. “Alta” for a commitment to high standards and viewing problems from a higher plane; and “viz” for the vision into what is needed to solve the challenges, and meet the objectives, of our clinician, surgeon, patient customers.

Today Altaviz’s customers range from startups to multi-billion-dollar medical device and pharma companies. Our commitment to producing enhanced medical devices that improve medical procedures, and ultimately patient care, remain the foundation of our continued success.

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