Allyable and Verbit Partner to Accelerate AI-based Digital Accessibility Compliance for Enterprises and SMEs Worldwide

Two global companies that innovate smart artificial intelligence (AI) digital enterprise technology—Verbit, the global AI transcription leader, and Allyable, a pioneer in AI digital accessibility automation—join forces to streamline the process of meeting content accessibility benchmarks.

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Industry-leading digital accessibility SaaS technology company Allyable announced today that it has entered a strategic partnership with Verbit, the foremost global transcription software corporation.

Allyable is focused on helping global enterprises and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) to reduce the cost and complexity of meeting international compliance standards through automation, with its patented SaaS Allyable360° AI digital accessibility all-in-one project management platform. Verbit has emerged as the leader in the $30B transcription industry, delivering access with a suite of voice AI solutions, simple integrations, and the world’s largest professional captioner workforce, using smart AI technology to disrupt captioning and transcription with speed and automation.

Both companies share the important mission of providing enterprises with the tools to provide equal access for all to online content, using artificial intelligence (AI)-based software solutions to automate compliance with international digital accessibility guidelines and regulations, including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA, EU341509, Section 508 and ADA criteria.

Allyable’s CEO David Adi says, “Our all-in-one digital accessibility project management platform is a comprehensive solution that allows enterprises to simplify the process of making their digital assets—such as websites, applications, internal, and external systems—accessible. Verbit’s innovative suite of software tools enables our enterprise customers to automatically add captions, voiceovers, and transcription to any video, audio, or multimedia asset, and its 99% accuracy rate meets our exacting standards of effectiveness.”

“Our partners around the globe are now making their content and experiences more engaging and equitable to everyone. Plus, they are not only meeting accessibility guidelines, but making their information searchable and actionable,” said Michael Elkouby, Verbit’s Vice President of Business Development & Channel Partnerships.


Allyable is a leading SaaS technology developer, driven by a passion to create a more connected world for all with a fast, simple, affordable solution to meet international accessibility compliance guidelines. The multinational company has developed a comprehensive, 360-degree suite of tools that streamline compliance, reducing costs and complexity, through advanced automation technology, machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence) crowdsourcing, and image processing. Its modular, comprehensive AllyAble360 technology platform empowers enterprise web teams around the globe to make their internet content and digital assets equally accessible to people living with disabilities. Allyable is the only DOBE-certified digital accessibility supplier in the industry. Learn more:


The Verbit Company serves as an essential partner to 3,000+ businesses and institutions. Verbit’s vertical-built voice AI solutions provide its partners with the tools they need to offer engaging and equitable experiences that not only meet accessibility guidelines but make verbal information searchable and actionable. In just a few years since its founding in 2017, Verbit has grown into a unicorn company with a $2B valuation and a global presence. Verbit employs the largest professional captioner workforce in the world and has emerged as the leader in the $30B transcription industry. Learn more:

Media Contact: David Adi, CEO, Allyable

SOURCE Allyable