Aleddra Introduces 2-in-1 EzUVCTM Overbed Light

RENTON, Wash., Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reducing hospital acquired infections (HAI) is a top priority for all healthcare organizations in the US and other countries. COVID-19 pandemic has further elevated its importance. Two (2) areas of high HAI are in the patient rooms and the patient exam rooms. The patient rooms see medical staff and non-medical staff (housekeeping) as well as patient’s guests. The patient exam rooms are regularly visited by patients, medical staff, non-medical staff (housekeeping) and caregivers. Proper disinfection is required in both these areas. Aleddra’s EzUVC Overbed Light is an effective, affordable and safe product to assist in reducing HAI transmission in both of these areas.

Aleddra, a Seattle-based lighting technology company, is excited to introduce its award-winning 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light. It is designed for patient room and patient exam room as an effective, affordable and safe surface disinfection solution. The fixture has (2) operating modes: the regular lighting mode and the UVC germicidal lighting mode. Below are the features of this 2-in-1 fixture:

Regular lighting mode:
  • Up Light: 2000 lumens; Down Light: 2000 lumens.
  • Three color temperatures: warm white (2700K), natural white (4350K) and day light (6000K).
  • Exam mode: boosts the overall light output to 6000 lumens.
Germicidal lighting mode (via 3-ft UVC T5 lamp):
  • Emits 254nm UVC irradiation for surface disinfection.
  • Operates in either 5-min or 10-min duration.
  • Delivers 99.99% kill rate against MRSA bacteria in 10 minutes at 4-ft distance (the distance between the fixture and the patient bed) as verified by a third-party test.
  • Microwave motion sensor suspends germicidal lighting operation upon motion detection.
  • Siren warns occupants to leave the room during germicidal lighting mode.
  • Blinking red indicator light alerts occupants on germicidal lighting operation.

With Aleddra’s 2-in-1 EzUVC Overbed Light a non-medical (housekeeping) can simply press the UV On/Off switch, leave the room while the (5) minute or (10) minute disinfection of the patient’s bed, pillow, and is taking place or the area in the patient exam room. There is zero labor involved for such surface disinfection, resulting in both labor and material savings and the motion sensor, siren and blinking indicator protect the patients, guests, and medical and non-medical staff from UVC exposure.

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