Alcovit is Preventing Hangovers Around the Globe

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit is an innovative dietary supplement with a seemingly impossible objective: to stop a hangover before it even starts. In spite of the difficulties of the challenge, the brand’s unique formula has already demonstrated an ability to prevent hangovers from taking place. Alcovit, offered in a mouth-watering natural lime flavor, has been a hit with audiences around the globe. Its continued expansion bodes well for a product that seems to finally be offering a genuine hangover management solution.

Alcovit is a product designed for those who like to enjoy themselves in the evenings and on the weekends — but who also need to be pulled together and professional when the fun ends. The problem with most social drinking is that it ends with a debilitating hangover. The headaches and pains that all too often accompany a night spent carousing can make it difficult to focus, look presentable, or even wake up the next morning.

Enter Alcovit. The ground-breaking formula utilizes its flagship ingredient, high-quality zeolite, to capture and expel alcohol before it is metabolized by the digestive system. Consumer trials have shown the use of Alcovit to reduce the amount of blood alcohol concentration by an average of 51%. While everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different, as a reference point, a single sachet of Alcovit should be enough to manage the alcohol from around three to four beers or several glasses of wine.

If the remaining alcohol in an individual’s system is still enough to leave them buzzed, they can lean on the additional arsenal of 12 vitamins and antioxidants that also come in the product. These are designed to bolster the body during the drinking process, helping it remain in peak condition throughout the activity.

Alcovit is a recent innovation, but it has caught the public eye quickly. The product is already widely used in Europe and Australia. It also has a growing interest in markets in Asia and Latin America, among others. Most recently, the burgeoning brand has also entered the U.S. marketplace, where it is positioned to answer the hangover needs of millions of American socialites in the years to come.

About Alcovit: Alcovit is a product licensed to CDM MEDICAL LLC, a company committed to "identify new products, medicines, supplements, cosmetics and devices" with the goal of improving the quality and length of life for its global customer base. The Alcovit label has a European Patent (# EP 2 538 950) from the E.P.A and is manufactured in Germany. It has been growing in popularity ever since its launch a few years ago.

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