Affinity Creative Develops a 360-degree Customer Experience for PharmaStrip

MARE ISLAND, Calif., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the hectic, ever-increasing pace of life, people’s interest in alternatives to pharmaceuticals are at an all-time high. Articles suggest that many turn to CBD for what are believed to be its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its reported ability to aid with anxiety and sleep.

PharmaStrip set out to offer a better form factor for the delivery of CBD and dietary supplements including a Melatonin product. For over two years, the brand has developed a line of innovative products, using flash-dissolve oral strips to optimize bioavailability and provide more rapid absorption, as well as to offer precise dosing in a convenient format. Simply put, their vision was to seek to create a world of wellness beyond prescriptions.

Affinity Creative Group developed a 360-degree customer experience to deliver on that vision, creating all touchpoints for the brand’s rollout. This multidisciplinary project featured Affinity’s expertise in customer segmentation, brand positioning, tagline, package design, website development, retail displays, and launch point-of-sale materials.

Building off research insights from the CBD category, Affinity identified the persona of busy, white-collar professionals balancing the demands of career and family who find themselves continuously on the go. They are typically high-achievers who look to alternatives to prescription medicine. Understanding that wellness is a prerequisite for performance within this group, Affinity created the tagline “Discover Wellness, Discover Performance” as the single message on which to build the brand.

With the “Discover Wellness, Discover Performance” messaging established, Affinity created a brand identity and package design which features an array of concentric rings to help evoke the feeling of dynamic movement and precision.  Currently PharmaStrip’s offerings include a Hemp CBD oral strip and Melatonin oral strip available in multiple flavors, including Peppermint, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Coffee, Pineapple, Strawberry and Vanilla Cake. The re-closable carton containing the strips was designed to be as functional and as relatable as a pack of gum.

While the brand continues to explore and develop new offerings in the supplement space, PharmaStrip is currently planning a roll-out of their Hemp CBD and Melatonin flash-dissolve oral strips for nationwide distribution.

About PharmaStrip: PharmaStrip was founded on the belief that wellness is the key to everyday performance. Our flash-dissolve oral strips offer precise dosing, rapid absorption, and convenience that enables our customers, the doers of the things that must get done, to succeed everyday.

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus, (two mansions and a bungalow), along historic officer’s row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media, and retail activation marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits and other luxury categories. The most experienced team in the business, staffed with knowledgeable industry professionals, provide strategic, creative and effective solutions that attract attention, spark interest and win customer loyalty in tasting rooms, on premise and at retail venues across the country and around the globe. Affinity helps clients of all sizes connect with consumers at the early, essential moments of contact, or points of ‘brand touch’ through the intelligent use of creativity, captivating storytelling, and flawless implementation.

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Media Contact: Carolyn Schwartz, Marketing Manager,

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