A.D.A.M., Developer of 3D-Bioprinting Platform, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

STAMFORD, Conn., Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A.D.A.M. announces the launch of their Regulation Crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform to finance the FDA required animal trials for non-metal personalized 3D-printed bone implants. 

A.D.A.M. was founded in 2019 and, since then, has developed proprietary materials and MVPs of 3D printers, passed pre-clinical trials and received an official response from the FDA confirming its 510(k) pathway eligibility. Currently, A.D.A.M. is completing tests of biomechanical properties of its personalized bone implants with Yale University; and is preparing to start animal studies as the next step on its path to the market clearance. 

A.D.A.M. decided to raise funding for the animal trials and the further development of its platform on the StartEngine platform, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in terms of the funds raised. The biotech company’s Crowdfunding raise has a target of $1.07 million with the minimum investment amount of $293. CEO Denys Gurak shares "We are excited to offer every person, who believes in a future where advanced healthcare solutions should be affordable and who wants to be a part of that future, to become a shareholder of our company. We are building an on-demand personalized tissue manufacturing platform that would be a one-stop shop for transplanted tissues and organs; and, hence, to cut barriers to medical treatment for millions."

About Regulation Crowdfunding

Regulation Crowdfunding is the Securities and Exchange Commission regulated process that was introduced in 2016 as part of the JOBS Act and enabled startups and other early-stage companies to raise money through equity crowdfunding.

StartEngine is the largest equity crowdfunding platform in terms of total funds raised, in 2021. Companies have raised over $400M on StartEngine, $200M+ of which was raised in the past 12 months alone. 

More information can be found at www.startengine.com/adam.

About A.D.A.M.

A.D.A.M. develops an on-demand personalized implant 3D-printing infrastructure with a full scope of related services, provided remotely or on-site. A ‘one-stop shop’ for implant production, A.D.A.M. has developed proprietary 3D printing technology along with biomedical printing materials to produce implants the body will recognize as its own. http://www.adambioprinting.com/

Name: Denys Gurak
Title at A.D.A.M.: CEO