Abveris Announces Partnership with Foundery Innovations to Develop Therapeutics to Advance Immunotherapy

CANTON, Mass. and SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abveris, Inc. ("Abveris") announced today that it has entered into an antibody discovery partnership with Foundery Innovations, Inc. ("Foundery Innovations") for the discovery of monoclonal antibodies to support the development of novel biotherapeutic drugs. Under the terms of the agreement, Abveris will utilize its proprietary DiversimAb platform in combination with its next-generation rapid B cell screening platform, powered by the Berkeley Lights Beacon®, to identify antibody drug candidates targeting antigens nominated by Foundery Innovations. The DiversimAb platform is propelled by a genetically engineered hyperimmune mouse family for maximum epitopic diversity and advantageous IP opportunities.

"The team at Foundery Innovations is positioned to redefine immunotherapy with a strong portfolio of tractable targets," commented Tracey Mullen, Chief Executive Officer of Abveris. "Partnership with Abveris provides advanced, best-in-class antibody discovery through high resolution single B cell screening, which will enable rapid clinical advancement for these novel therapeutic products."

"The enthusiasm, expertise, and track-record of the Abveris team was evident from our first meeting. We were particularly impressed by Abveris’ interest in seeking optimal screening strategies for our challenging targets. Foundery looks forward to a productive and long-term partnership with Abveris" said Foundery CEO, Michel Streuli.

About Abveris:

Abveris is Boston’s premier antibody discovery company providing contract research services to the biopharma industry. Abveris applies advanced immunization methods combined with B cell screening and hybridoma-based antibody discovery technologies to provide comprehensive gene-to-antibody discovery services. Abveris is developing the next generation of biologics, cell therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in partnership with global biopharma leaders. Additional information about Abveris is available at www.ABVERIS.com.

About Foundery Innovations:

Foundery Innovations is a San Francisco-based biotechnology studio and a novel scientist-driven enterprise focused on generating cutting-edge immunotherapeutics. Foundery validates and develops early drug concepts and produces advanced development candidate packages in collaboration with academic investigators that can then be spun out into independent companies or out-licensed to industry partners for clinical development.


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