AbsoluteCare Joins Highmark Wholecare Plan to Bridge Health Equity Gaps in Pittsburgh

New Collaboration Offers Value-Based Primary Care to Both Medicaid and Medicare Members in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone deserves health care that’s tailored to their physical, mental, and social needs. That’s the mission of AbsoluteCare. In collaboration with Highmark Wholecare, formerly Gateway Health, AbsoluteCare will expand into Pittsburgh on September 1.

AbsoluteCare is a concierge Primary Care Physician (PCP)-driven care model that serves clinically complex and vulnerable members on behalf of Medicaid and Medicare payers. The company aims to transform the patient experience and enhance members’ quality of care. The company relies on diverse healthcare providers, clinicians, and other professionals to address each person’s unique medical, behavioral, and life challenges.

AbsoluteCare’s model is proven to dramatically improve clinical and health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce costs by serving members in its Comprehensive Care Centers and in their homes and communities. AbsoluteCare uniquely serves its communities through engagement with other PCPs, as well as an innovative approach to addressing social determinants of health.

“At Highmark Wholecare, we are committed to coordinating healthcare that goes beyond doctors and medicine to deliver whole-person care to the communities we serve,” said Doug Doyle, Vice President, Network Contract and Development, Highmark Wholecare. “It’s important that our members have access to the best healthcare available, and our partnership with AbsoluteCare increases that ability.”

AbsoluteCare’s Comprehensive Care Centers are home to same-day urgent care, infusion, lab and radiology services, behavioral health, nutritional counselling, and a pharmacy. AbsoluteCare and Highmark Wholecare will work together to meet the daily challenges Highmark Wholecare members face, including housing and food insecurity and inequities in access to care and transportation.

“AbsoluteCare is excited to collaborate with Highmark Wholecare,” said Michael P. Radu, CEO, AbsoluteCare. “Highmark Wholecare shares our ‘beyond medicine’ philosophy and whole- person approach to healthcare. The Pittsburgh Comprehensive Care Center will anchor our integrated care teams and allow us to help more vulnerable and chronically ill individuals who endure terrible health disparities and poor outcomes. Our integrated care teams take a proactive approach to engage our members where they are and provide high-quality, cost- efficient care as well as a great member experience.”

The new collaboration will result in approximately 80 new jobs in Pittsburgh during the first year alone.

About AbsoluteCare

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, AbsoluteCare is a leading value-based integrated healthcare provider. We go beyond medicine™ to provide comprehensive and preventive care to the most vulnerable populations. AbsoluteCare offers concierge health services using a risk-bearing, PCP-driven care model. We treat the most clinically complex members of the communities we serve—many of whom face behavioral health, substance use, and SDoH challenges. AbsoluteCare tends exclusively to the needs of the high-risk population who persistently represent a disproportionate amount of unnecessary utilization and cost, regardless of whether they are engaged with other PCPs. We deliver this care in our Comprehensive Care Centers as well as in the communities we serve. In our more than 20 years, AbsoluteCare has consistently achieved unprecedented outcomes by addressing medical and psychosocial issues, as well as life’s hardships that exacerbate chronic health conditions and complicate access to care. AbsoluteCare currently operates in six markets: Atlanta, GA; Baltimore and Prince George’s County, MD; New Orleans, LA; and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA. We have treated tens of thousands of chronically ill individuals, living up to the mission of providing care that goes beyond medicine.

For more information, visit absolutecare.com.

About Highmark Wholecare

We believe in caring for the whole person in all communities where the need is greatest. We see a future in which everyone has equal opportunity to achieve their best health. Through our leading Medicaid and Medicare programs, we are coordinating healthcare that goes beyond doctors and medicine that helps members achieve not just physical health, but also delivers whole person care. Our associates are helping to drive this new kind of healthcare in collaboration with a network of 30,000 primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and other ancillary providers. We are also committed to supporting our neighbors through our many community outreach and engagement programs.

Contact: Lauren Cutruzzula

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