A Seminal Disruptive Drug Delivery Technology from Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC Proports a Paradigm Shift in the Cannabis Industry

Dried cannabis flower heads, as a retail product, could soon give way to this technology

STILLWATER, Minn., Jan. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Background: The global demand for the extracts from herbal cannabis is enormous and will grow dramatically once it becomes legalized in all of North America‚Ķ which is very likely. To get the benefits of this drug, the user must ingest it into their blood stream. By far the most popular methods for ingesting the drugs are by extracting the cannabinoids et. al. using heat then inhaling the vapors. These methods require raw cannabis as a retail product and extraction by the customer using a heating process. As such there is an entire set of supply chains built around delivering dried herbal cannabis (a.k.a. flower heads) to the customer base. This age-old process is vulnerable to technological change.

Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC, based in Stillwater Minnesota, has invented, and patented a groundbreaking set of technologies that portends the power to truly change the entire recreational and medical cannabis industry. Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC has invented and patented an FDA approvable environmentally friendly cost-effective process, for extracting the essential oils/resins from botanical plants (e.g., cannabis) and an FDA approvable device for delivering a pure and exact dose of the extracts from the oils/resins as a consistently reliable precise inhalable vapor. With FDA approval comes the enormous benefit of being able to distribute products through the extensive supply chains for recreation adult beverages (i.e. liquor stores) and for prescription drugs (i.e. pharmacies).

It promises to be, far and away, the most cost-efficient manner to deliver cannabinoid vapors as measured by $/mg/ml of cannabinoids in the bloodstream. It promises to be the only technology that can provide the dose control, formulation control and purity assurance of inhaled botanical vapors required of an FDA approved drug and, it’s worth repeating, therefore allow the products to be distributed through liquor stores and pharmacies! It is easy to see how his technology will result in a paradigm shift in the entire cannabis industry.

“Once commercialized The Vapor Cartridge Technology will quickly become the overwhelming preference of both retail recreational adult users and medical patients” according to a spokesperson for the company.

The patent portfolio covering these seminal technologies is thorough, broad, and extensive (nine patents so far). Most notably, early in 2020 the company invented another groundbreaking technology that was designed to significantly lower, already low, manufacturing costs. Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC filed a PCT application for the invention with the European Patent Office on July 9, 2020. Then the company followed up with patent applications in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. NOTE: Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC was recently granted (Nov 15, 2022) a U.S. Patent (DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM WITH STACKABLE SUBSTRATES U.S. 11,497,249)! The applications in Canada and Mexico are pending. The company or companies (one recreational, one medical) that have exclusive rights to this industry changing patent portfolio will have a legal monopoly to utilize it to provide patent protected products in their served markets.

Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC is currently seeking licensing opportunities for this patent portfolio and have launched data rich website (https://vaporcartridgetechnology.com) towards this objective. This compelling website contains a detailed explanation of the science behind the technology, a competitive analysis, the benefits of the technology, the patent portfolio, potential licensees, and a way to contact the company.

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Tim McCullough


SOURCE Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC